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As I've mentioned I have a Honda CRV ES auto with all the bits.
I love it, but it's coming up for 6 years old and has had a very mucky winter.

Just had it serviced and MOT'd so it's mechanically sound, but now I'd like it valetted (interior isn't too bad really - thanks to other half have got mats on top of mats where the kids sit, and it's immaculate) What I want is a good scrub underneath, polishing up, waxing whatever, and something to smarten up the wheels, black bumpers and trim and the alloys need some attention too. So I want the bits I can see looking smarter, and the bits I can't cleaning too.

Added to that something seems to have backed over the bonnet - two small pitted dents, down to the metal quite far in on the top of the bonnet, ne either side - as if a truck with an overhang has reversed too far (odd I know, but as they seem symetrical I don't think it can be large stone chips) Have been quoted £250 just to do these by the garage I use now (not main dealer)

I've decided to hang on to the car (done 42,000+ so it's worth more to me than to sell on) so what should I be thinking of spending on it, and what's worth doing, and where should I start looking?

Smartening up my car - bugged {P}
try chips away or dent master for the dents on the bonnet sure they could save you money over getting them done at a garage, auto glym wheel cleaner works great for me and also their glass cleaner for shiney windows.

Try a can of tyre shine and black-to-black for bumpers and black rubber/plastic bits.

Nice wash and wax and it will look good as new!!!

My other half covers the battery and electric bits under the bonnett and power washes it out, be carefull doing it but it has never caused us problems and comes up really well.
Smartening up my car - oldtoffee

have a look at

If you haven't polished the car for a while and in order to get a great quality finish you'll probably need to prepare the paint first. Autoglym have a product for just about everything, (Halfords will stock all you need). After washing the car, remove all road tar, tree sap and and bugs. Intensive Tar Remover plus Super Resin Polish should remove most blemishes. If not you may need to try the Paint Renovator but don't if you don't have to. Then one or two coats of Extra Gloss Protection and back to new again! For my alloys I use Wonder Wheels - don't leave it on too long before rinsing off. Bumper Black will restore the bumpers. Interior Shampoo or Leather Cleaner for your upholstery. £50 and the best part of a day of your time should see you through. Lousy weather looming for the middle of next week so no time like the present!

You could clear out any muck under the wheel arches and underneath with a power wash but some people here warn against it so maybe just a thorough hosing and brushing of the bits you can easily reach. The underside will be well protected anyway so shouldn't need too much attention.

£250 for the bonnet work sounds a bit pricey but I'm no expert; it might be worth trying Chips Away for a price.


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