Citroen AX cracked windscreen - Ben Lacey
I have a slight problem. A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a stone chip to my windscreen whilst driving on the M5. Putting it aside as a slight annoyance, I just lived with it.
However, I returned to my car in Bristol after having been at home in Somerset for the weekend, only to find a large 5-6 inch crack running from the bottom of the driver-side area up for 3-4 inches then along 2-3 inches.
I've no idea what happened, whether someone knocked it or maybe it was caused by the tropical rain Bristol suffers from...

I don't hold much hope for a repair (although would it be possible?) so I'd like to get a quote on what I should expect for a replacement. Would a breaker's yard or similar be a good source?
Re: Citroen AX cracked windscreen - Michael
no, a repair isn't possible on a crack so new or second hand are your options (not sure on price call AutoGlass 0800 363636 for a quote). Is it not covered on your insurance as a non claims affecting risk?
Re: Citroen AX cracked windscreen - Ben Lacey
Unfortunately, being a tight penny-pinching student, I opted for Third party Fire + Theft, which doesn't include windscreen cover :(

I'll give AutoGlass a ring tonight, see what they say, then see what my brother has to say... I might also try trawling round breaker's yards (although I only know of 2 in Bristol)
Re: Citroen AX cracked windscreen - chris watson
i went with autoglass, but the idiot didnt see the smashed passenger door and was repairing the tiny stone chip in the windscreen, i told his mate about it being the passenger window, but i didnt know that the guy i told went off to another job, but he charged me for the stone chip repair, and then took two hours to fit the window, so the total was £148.93. i got onto the phone to complain and managed £74.45. but the week after the repair the stone chip fell out, he obviously didnt heat up the stone chip gel.
Re: Citroen AX cracked windscreen - nick ireland
Others much more knowledgable than me will probably correct me but I would say that getting a windscreen out of a car in a scrapyard and fitting it (yourself) and making it watertight will not be easy. May I suggest that you try and get one from a breaker and grovel at Autoglass to get them to fit it? A bit cheeky but if you do the poor student thing they might be nice to you! Good luck anyway
Grovelling - Mark
Only if you are very good at grovelling is this likely to work. If they do deign to fit it for you they are most unlikley to stand by their work if you have future problems as they did not supply the screen.

Might work best if you watch at closing time and follow them to the pub (if they go to one) Much less humiliating than grovelling in the branch where they are likely to say no once everyone has had a laugh than down the pub.

as ever

Re: Citroen AX cracked windscreen - Marc
A mate of mine did exactly that with a scrapped Scirocco screen at a Bristol VW main dealer - saved him a lot
Re: Citroen AX cracked windscreen - David Woollard

Never worth looking at a second hand screen in the yards. Forget Autoglass (look at the trouble chris had) and the other big boys, they are geared to insurance/company accounts.

Look in yellow pages and phone round the smaller guys for a cash deal.

I did exactly this with a customers Peugeot 405. Autoglass etc wanted around £250 with a bit of discount for a haggle. Local small firm came out and did a decent job for £130 in the end.

Figures approx from memory but based on a true story.

Re: Citroen AX cracked windscreen - Ben Lacey
That's a bit steep for my limited budget, but I'll try to find a few local companies that might do it for a bit less that AutoGlass.

If I'd have known the simple, innocent little chip in the window would turn into a massive great crack I'd have had it repaired. It's not even a result of shoddy driving, just 'one of those things'. Grrrrr.
Re: Citroen AX cracked windscreen - David Woollard

Those were just examples, I have no idea for an AX. Did get a C15 van one fitted for £75 cash a few years ago so yours could be nearer that.

Re: Citroen AX cracked windscreen - John Slaughter
I suspect you'll have to get it fixed, as I think a crack that big even on the passenger side will be an MOT fail.

David's right - ring round. Quotes vary enormously.


Re: Citroen AX cracked windscreen - Jon
Polo '89 windscreen £56 all in from Auto Windscreens last year. I bet their prices are up since RAC took over though.

Citroen AX cracked windscreen - David Lacey

Best to ring Paul Sydenham (Glass Repair Specialist) and get him to fit a new screen when you are home again

It wouldn't cost much more than £75ish fitted, probably cheaper if you offer him some beer. I might ring him for you tommorrow if I have the time.

Yes, the small chips can lead to massive cracks - just look at the screen on my Audi.


Re: Citroen AX cracked windscreen - Ben Lacey
Oh good. I never knew he was in that kind of business. If you could ring him, that'd be tops.

Auto Windscreen quoted me £117.50. Yikes.

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