Turbo - gavin
I drive a 92 Saab 9000 2.3 Turbo.

I took it to my local Saab dealer as there was a strange noise in the engine that was traced to a loose exhaust manifold. They also thought my turbo needed replacing at significant cost. The car isnt burning any oil, the turbo is making no unusual noises and providing plenty of boost.

Does anybody know on what basis they are deciding this?

I am planning to keep using the turbo until it makes funny noises or lots of smoke comes out the exhaust.

Is the dealer being a little pre-emptive suggesting changing working parts, and what should I look out for if the turbo is on its way out.

many thanks

RE: Turbo - Dave N
Why don't you ask them on what basis?
RE: Turbo - Gavin
The chap said the turbo bearings were on their way out.

However it is making no noticable noise, and no smoke or oil loss.

Maybe he has sensitive hearing...
RE: Turbo - trevor
all turbos have noticeable lift on their bearings they have high clearances to cope with high temperatures they operate under . Providing when lifted the rotor vanes or compressor vanes dont foul the casing then it is probably acceptable . if it seems ok keep running it.
RE: Turbo - Gavin
Thanks for the advice.

The car seems to be ok, so I shall wait until something interesting happens.

Value my car