Ford Fiesta 1991 XR2i stalling - desperatedan
Can anyone help. I have an Fiesta XR2i that stalls intermittently. The stalling occurs when idling, when the engine is warm after about 20 minutes running. The car will not restart then for up to one minute. When it does start it runs fine but the failure may re-occur.

The idle speed control valve has been replaced but the problem has not been rectified. After numerous failed trips to the repair garage, without success, I am becoming very frustrated. If you have experienced similar characteristics please let me know.
Ford Fiesta 1991 XR2i stalling - Dwight Van Driver
1989 XR3i Running well, then into a misfire mode and cut out.
Pig to start but eventually did then ran quite well until again when coming to a halt cut out.

Sounds familiar Dan?

My cure was a check of the HT leads and also found that there was tracking at the distributor cap head indicated by black soot marks.

When were you HT leads and system last checked?

Ford Fiesta 1991 XR2i stalling - desperatedan
The leads are pretty new and I hope hoped the various mechanics entrusted to solve this would have checked them. I will double check.

I have no idea where the distributor cap is located but I will endeavour to take a look at this.

Thank you
Ford Fiesta 1991 XR2i stalling - tac
your 1991 xr2i does not have a dissy cap it is a distributer less ignition system DIS for short
Ford Fiesta 1991 XR2i stalling - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Suspect fuel pump relay as it wont restart for a few seconds. Really is one of those faults that you need to have diagnostic equipment hooked into to observe the system as it fails. Reading the fault codes which may be logged may give a clue.

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