Makro/motorsolutionswithmakro - fuzzybear
Has anyone bought a car from Makro?

If so, did the purchase go through smoothly?

What about the aftersale?
Makro/motorsolutionswithmakro - Gen
Why don't you say which car and what price. Maybe someone can tell you if the price is reasonable.
Makro/motorsolutionswithmakro - fuzzybear
The price for the car is very reasonable compared to dealership. I just want to know if anyone has dealt with them. What is their reputation for customer care/service? What is their aftersale like?
Makro/motorsolutionswithmakro - DavidHM
The reason Gen asks this is that, while the car may be reasonably priced compared to a dealership, it may be that a broker who is a known quantity and provides UK sourced cars can match or beat that price.

I believe that Makro is working in association with DC Cook Direct. Some, but not all their cars are imported; AFAIK they are all pre-registered so you won't be the first owner on the V5.

I'm afraid I have no idea what their customer service is like.
Makro/motorsolutionswithmakro - Gen
You may be surprised what good deals people on this board can find fuzzybear! (not me though, I might add)

Perhaps someone has dealt with something called

'Motor Solutions'

as it appears that Makro is some kind of marketing or distribution agent for them:


Makro/motorsolutionswithmakro - frostbite
In case it's relevant - Makro are owned by Metro of Germany.

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