VW/Audi Corrosion Protection - Ian
Are VW's built to the same corrosion standards as Audi in terms of galvanised panels etc. etc. Why is a 98 A4 1.8T £2000 more than a Passat Sport when the Passat is bigger/the platform for the A6. I've seen reports on here about VW/AUDI not being all they're cracked up to be in terms of reliability, is there anything to choose between them (different factories, better QC) or shall I just pocket the £2k and put it towards repairs! Ian
Re: VW/Audi Corrosion Protection - Andy Bairsto
In Wolfsburg they are produced on the same production lines of the same steel and go through the same paint baths .The Alu bodied Audis have dedicated lines.Though large quantities of VWs are produced in the new plant in Zwickau
I also see them on trains coming west from the Skoda plant but they have just been given built quality of the year by the ADAC(AA).A lot of second hand VWs are souced out of Africa and have little if no corrosion protection ,that is why most dealers will not touch these grey imports or give little money for them.
The Audis with Alu bodies cost more to build and have a better live span therefore the dearer price.The new flagship VW is to be built in the new factory in Dresden that also has a alu body.
If you do buy a grey import make sure it is Euro spec.Also it is correct to say that Vag have had tremendous built quality problems and they do not seem to get any better.Buy a rover 75 and help the UK
Re: VW/Audi Corrosion Protection - honest john
The reason why Audis sell for more second-hand than VWs is the increased status they give to the owner. It's the same reason why Golf Mk IVs sell for more than Focuses and why expensive jewellery is expensive. Snob appeal.

Re: VW/Audi Corrosion Protection - mike harvey
HJ is right of course. I remember asking Vauxhall at one of the launch events ( years ago) why the 1600 Astra was dearer than the 1300. I'm sure on economies of scale a 1600 engine was cheaper because they made more of them. Vaux did not answer of course, but the truth is the buying public percieve the 1600 as better, and will happily pay more. Of course I sold 'em a 1.6 and made more commission.
Re: VW/Audi Corrosion Protection - Martin Wall
I may be mistaken here, but wasn't there something in the press about 10 years ago about how Ford at that time spent more making the lead-in model Escort looking cheap than they did on making the Ghia look expensive? Something to do with Vinyl trim costing them more than velour....
Re: VW/Audi Corrosion Protection - David Lacey
Hi Andy!

Well said my man WRT Rover 75 - you beat me to it!!



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