Girls don't like boys - DavidHM
Girls like cars and money, as the Good Charlotte song goes.

To read this promo Nissan are doing for the Micra via the Guardian, you'd think that women had only just received the right to have a driving licence.

It's patronising in a way not seen since the 1970s at least.
Girls don't like boys - THe Growler
Oh, I don't know, at least the computer was designed with men in mind. They forget anniversaries -- women never do.
Girls don't like boys - bugged {P}
I am speachless!!!

Gadgets for girls!!! WHAT!!! you mean boys can't drive them then!!!

Girls are not going to like nissan very much either if they carry on with that joke!!!
Do they think all girls only go shopping and can't park on their own?????

Girls don't like boys - Altea Ego
Got a yorkie in my hand, says on the front "not for girls" on the back it says "dont feed the birds"

ps motoring link = yorkie/trucker
Girls don't like boys - frostbite
At least it actually details some useful features of the car, which is more than a lot of adverts do these days.
Girls don't like boys - leatherpatches
Girls don't like boys - Gen
What a great advert!

We all know some cars are for men, some are for women, so why pretend otherwise? The Micra is a female car and always will be.

Some women drive male cars but then some women wear mens suits, and some men wear dresses (more likely at home though!). Doesn't make dresses gender neuter does it?

No, the Micra is a female car. Hope we men get the key thing though...
Girls don't like boys - NorthernKev {P}
Why is a bloke shown moving the seat?
I thought the point was that girls could do it...

Girls don't like boys - Rob the Bus {P}
At the risk of getting a horse-whipping (are you watching, HF??? ;-) ), I believe that the point is that, while a girl may be quite capable of doing it, she would far prefer to flutter her eyelashes and get some hunky bloke to do it for her.

(Beats a hasty retreat as he hears the sound of stilletos approaching at high speed.....)

"Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast."
Girls don't like boys - HF
RTB - grrr for your stereotypical inference on the female population, you do me a great injustice! - but I believe the old expression goes 'Why own a dog and then bark yourself?', doesn't it?

HF (preparing horse-whips for anyone who dares to argue.)
Girls don't like boys - bafta
HF. Don't worry, I'm sure that you will have the opportunity to gain entry to any number of openings in the Micra when you loose your 'intelligent' key down the back of the settee. A sunroof could be fun!
Girls don't like boys - HF
Bafta - LOL! You mean you think I HAVE an 'intelligent' key?!! ;)
Girls don\'t like boys - Blue {P}
she would far prefer to flutter her eyelashes and get some
hunky bloke to do it for her.

Wouldn\'t we all? :-)

Unfortunately I normally end up being the hunky bloke, makes a nice change when I have one of my own! :-)

Girls don't like boys - HF
Well let's hope that nice change happens sooner rather than later then Blue, eh?


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