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Driving licence expired - bluenun

I have just noticed that my driving licence photocard had expired in May 2020 so I have filled in the online forms and paid for the renewal which I understand is supposed to arrive within 2 weeks.

I was given instructions to cut the photocard into 2 and post back to Swansea.

Do I also need to send back the paper part and the plastic wallet?

I would rather keep those if I am allowed.

Driving licence expired - badbusdriver

Not sure the paper part is actually used (or valid?) anymore, i certainly wouldn't bother sending it back unless specifically requested.

As for a two week turnaround?, you'll be lucky!

Driving licence expired - Bromptonaut

As for a two week turnaround?, you'll be lucky!

If it's an online process using a digital photo or one shared from a passport then it'll probably be pretty quick. The problem has been making the Swansea premises Covid secure and impact of limited staffing on processing paper.

Driving licence expired - Gibbo_Wirral

4-6 weeks is the norm at the minute.

Driving licence expired - Mincey

My wife and I have recently renewed our licences (mine late July, her's mid August) and both were returned in less than seven days which given the situation was surprising.

Driving licence expired - bluenun

My photocard licence arrived today, 6 days after ordering it online.

Driving licence expired - Manatee

I wouldn't bother sending it back. They send your new one anyway. When you get the new one check that all your entitlements are still on.

Driving licence expired - bluenun

Yes it looks like the paper part is no longer used so I could keep that.

It feels a bit odd not having a valid licence sin case I need to produce one to the law but I do have the receipt from the one I just paid for.

I would like to keep my expired picture card licence too but I did tick and agree to send it back so I feel obliged to keep my word.

Driving licence expired - bluenun

I read the receipt e-mail from DVLA and it does say it is a legal requirement to send the expired licence back. I may wait until I receive the new one though.

Driving licence expired - badbusdriver

Not sure why you want to keep the old one?. According to your first post it is out of date, therefore not valid. Were it still valid, all you do is tell the Police that your license is with the DVLA, which they can confirm easily enough themselves (and you are still legal to drive during this period, no question).

Driving licence expired - SkodaIan

Why not just take a photocopy (or even photograph) of the expired licence before sending it back?

That way you can check nothing other than the expiry date has changed when the new one arrives. It also gives you some evidence you have a licence to show police etc if required.

I always do this with any kind of official document I have to send in, it takes very little effort and enables mistakes to be cleared up much more easily if they do arise.

Driving licence expired - Bromptonaut

I'd recomend checking old against new. There have been reports of people losing categories on renewal.

Driving licence expired - bluenun

Yes good point, I have taken a couple of photos.

Driving licence expired - badbusdriver

Driving licence expired - FiestaOwner

From the DVLA website:-

"Under the changes, drivers whose photocard driving licence or entitlement to drive runs out between 1 February 2020 and 31 December 2020 will have their entitlement automatically extended from the expiry date, for a period of 11 months. Drivers do not need to apply to renew their licence until they receive a reminder before their extension expires."

I was looking at this earlier this week, as my photocard expires at the start of October and I haven't received a reminder.

Have printed off a copy of the press release to keep in the car, just in case!


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