new car warranty question - PLS
My local independent garage has always serviced my 'used' cars to a high standard and at reasonable cost.

I would like to buy a new car and most now seem to come with at least a three year warranty. I would like my garage to continue to look after the new car. Which, if any, new car warranties allow this?
new car warranty question - Marcos{P}
As far as I am aware the car would have to be serviced and maintained at a manufacturers main dealer to keep the warranty valid.
new car warranty question - andymc {P}
Does this apply regardless of who backs up the warranty, HJ? I'm just wondering if it depends on whether the warranty is a manufacturer warranty (eg Toyota offer 3 years, while Hyundai now do 5) or a "manufacturer plus dealer" arrangement, ie where the manufacturer's 1 or 2 warranty is topped up by the dealer network to bring it up to 3 years.


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