Automatic Gate Opener - Cardew
Has anyone any experience of fitting automatic gate openers?

I converted my garage door to a remote automatic system and now fancy having a go at the twin wrought iron gates at the end of my drive.

I am not concerned about the security aspects as any unwelcome visitor could easily avoid the machine gun posts with their automatic line of sight firing. I want the convenience of not having to get out of car - open gates - get in and drive through - get out and close gates - get back in car and drive off.

I also want postman/paper boy etc to be able to open/close the gates without disturbing my much needed beauty sleep. It is not an option to have a separate narrow pedestrian gate

Any ideas?
Automatic Gate Opener - Jim M
We had remote garage doors and gate fitted by Garage Door Co (franchise I think). System is still not operating to our satisfaction but the guys have been very good - main problem is garage doors jamming and not GDC's doing. Gate has been OK but has dropped a bit and catches driveway GDC are fixing. Beware of sensors (to prevent gate closing on your car) GDC say they have new type that uses a live sensor to recieve infra red beam - we have a sensor and reflector type which has caused problems GDC are replacing reflector with active reciever. As for postman etc we have button by gate which most people seem to be able to suss out. Our blipper controls garage doors and gate. If your gates are heavy consider a sliding gate - good system used all over Asia and Southern Europe we cannot because of garden design.
Sliding good if you have snow (we are in Aberdeen). We bought our because we live on a main road but need a gate (Dogs). The system is good as it lessens our exposure to being rear ended when turning in.
Automatic Gate Opener - derek
My pal fits them if you\'re interested.
give me your details and I will get him to ring you.
Automatic Gate Opener - Nsar
If security isn't a concern, why not er, leave them open?
Automatic Gate Opener - Homme van Blanc
If security isn't a concern, why not er, leave them open?

Keep the dog in.
Keep the kids in.
Stop every Tom, Dick or Barry using it as a place to turn round.
Etc, etc.
Automatic Gate Opener - ShereKhan
Why not just get a post box sited next to the gate.

That way the postman/paper boy can drop off the items in the post box.
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