Citroen C1 exhaust replacement - Kam2019

Hi all,

I'm a fairly new driver, just come up to 2 years now and have to admit I'm not very experienced when it comes to cars. I'm looking to get some feedback on an exhaust replacement I had done today.

Yesterday during my drive home I noticed a noise coming from the back of the car. Once I got home, I noticed the exhaust was hanging quite low (more so the right side), so took it into the local Mr Clutch garage.

[Here is a quick video of the area before I took it in]

This is the work they invoiced me:

Klarius Rear Silencer (Rear) [Product Code: 705730271] = £77.00

Klarius Exhaust Clamp [Product Code: 712540211] = £10.00

Replace and Fit = £78.00

I've not had a chance to check under the car yet (didn't get home until late) as I wanted to compare with my previous video to see what they changed.

I wanted to check with whether you thought the above costs were OK? I thought the labour costs seemed quite high for a job like this but I don't really have anything to compare it with.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Citroen C1 exhaust replacement - Chris M

Check Euro Car Parts as they sell Klarius. You've been charged the full retail price plus a bit, so as expected, assuming your prices include VAT. Labour wise I imagine the job wouldn't have taken more than half an hour, so perhaps a bit steep.

These places have you by the short and curlies. It was a distress purchase.

Citroen C1 exhaust replacement - gordonbennet

As said, a panic purchase with the exhaust hanging off and they've got you.

In the cold light of day, yes you could have got them to quote for replacement and then spent 20 minutes phoning round the local fast fit joints and see what others would charge for the same job, but you might well find that Toyota themselves would have fitted an OE system for the same price...always check with Toyota for such parts, ie batteries are as well priced as anywhere....yes yours is the Citroen badged version but apart from some body and trim panels are the same vehicle, its also possible Citroen themselves would have been fairly priced for this.

However, don't worry, you no doubt have a new rear silencer and its cost you about £150 all in, you could own a specialised or rare vehicle where the aftermarket do not make an equivalent or its seriously expensive and that bill might have had another zero tacked on the back, so look at it as a lesson learned....oh the most important lesson here is you now know who not to give your business to in the future.

One other thing, if you happen to live in one of the more industrial areas of the country, ie west midlands, there are one or two places dotted about who will build and fit a full stainless steel exhaust system for little more than a fast fit joint would charge for a so so quality mild steel effort, and guarantee it for life.

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Citroen C1 exhaust replacement - Kam2019

Thanks both for the replies, really appreciate it. Here's the video of the fixed exhaust, seems OK (not that I know what to look out for!)

Having looked online, the general consensus seems like it's a 15-30 minute job.

As Mr Clutch do online quotes I thought I'd try and see what one of the other garages near (ish) me would quote for doing the same job/parts, they came back with:

"Total price supplied and fitted, including VAT: £107.54"

Chris M -

Prices don't seem too far out. I imagine they would have used EuroCarParts as they're pretty close to where Mr Clutch is based. (under 10 minute drive)

Klarius Rear Silencer - 705730271

- £60.99 on EuroCarParts (said 30% off, with £87.38 listed as original price)

Although if you search that item number on Google, the first result is on eBay where EuroCarParts are selling what looks like an identical item for £39.99 new:

They use the same image on both their website and the eBay listing but different title descriptions.

Some other sellers:

  • £35.83 - CarParts4Less
  • £41.45 - AutoSessive
  • £69.48 - Halfords

Klarius Exhaust Clamp - 712540211

- £9.69 on EuroCar Parts (said 16% off, with £11.48 listed as original price)

As you both said, it was a high-pressure situation for me. Even when he gave me the quote I was thinking it was excessive, but the thought of collecting the car and trying to find somewhere else to do the job was pretty terrifying for me (all while taking time out of work). Just driving the car to the garage originally was bad enough as I was worried the exhaust would fall off before I got there!

I usually pride myself on finding the best price for products/services but as I said before, with cars, I'm totally out my comfort zone.

I think what I'll do is send Mr Clutch CS an email to see what they say about the price discrepancy between the 2 Mr Clutch locations, but I imagine they'll come back with something along the lines of franchises having their own price lists.

Gordon - If I have any other issues with an exhaust I'll certainly look into the stainless steel ones.

Thank again.

Citroen C1 exhaust replacement - Chris M

ECP always have a discount code offer on - varies between 30 & 50%. Carparts4less are the same outfit but lower headline prices and discount code offers.

Definitely worth taking the Mr Clutch price difference up with head office. Possibly won't get you anywhere, but worth a try. Whatever the outcome, you have learnt a lesson for next time - where possible, get a few quotes.

Citroen C1 exhaust replacement - Kam2019

Just an update for anyone that might be interested:

12th March - Sent the email to them at 00.33am

12th March 09.34am - They replied and said they would look into it, stating it could take up to 10 days for an update.

13th March 10.18am - They replied with the below:

I have been liaising with the Franchise Owner and he has stated he would like to apologise for the issues that you have raised, we have a new member of staff in the branch and we need to look at a little bit more training.

We would like to offer you the difference between what you was charged in the High Wycombe branch to what you was quoted by Maidenhead, this is the amount of £57.46, this would need to be refunded back onto your credit card in the High Wycombe branch. This would be in full and final settlement of your complaint.

13th March - I replied and said I would accept the offer, however they said I would need to go back to the garage to allow them to process the refund. I went back on Friday after arranging a time through email. Just went in and said I was there for a refund (different guy to the last time I went), he processed it after confirming the amount, we didn't say anything else to each other :)

The refund was back in my account yesterday.

Have to admit, I was pretty happy with how quickly the CS side resolved everything.

Citroen C1 exhaust replacement - paul 1963

Well done! good result I would say,

Citroen C1 exhaust replacement - Andrew-T

The refund was back in my account yesterday.

Have to admit, I was pretty happy with how quickly the CS side resolved everything.

That sounds as if there has been a bit of try-it-on profiteering. If discovered, don't make any waves, just pay a refund. Customer is so happy he won't take it any further.

Citroen C1 exhaust replacement - Chris M

Good outcome.

And thanks for reporting back - so many don't bother, so credit to you.

Citroen C1 exhaust replacement - gordonbennet

Good outcome.

And thanks for reporting back - so many don't bother, so credit to you.

Indeed, many thanks for the update, a fair result.


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