Corolla Service - stevek
Just want some advice please.
Local dealer has quoted me £172 for the 20000 mile (2yrs) service on my older style corolla (Y reg). Car has only done 16000 miles in 2 years from new.
As this is little more than oil/filter/brake fluid change I consider this a rip off.
If I asked my local independent garage to do the service and use Toyota parts does anyone know how this will affect the warranty?
Local garage will do it all in for under £100.
Any help and guideance is appreciated.
Corolla Service - Rojer
Errrmmm ... I think it;ll affect your warranty. Why not give Toyota a call?
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Corolla Service - Dynamic Dave
Unfortunately mileage is irrelevant. My Dad does < 5000 miles per annum in his Astra but still has to pay the 1 yr small service charge, then the 2nd yr large service charge.

Regarding your statement "little more than oil/filter/brake fluid change" that usually only takes place on the small 1yr service, and then the 3rd, 5th, 7th etc service. The 2, 4, 6, 8, etc years service will be a lot more involved. Wheels off, brake inspection, security of bolts, all filters, etc.

As I previously said, mileage is irrelevant. They will still carry out all the checks involved in a 2nd yr service as par of the course.

Local garage will do it cheaper as they probably have less overheads - no courtesy cars, plate glass showrooms, etc. However using them even if Toyota parts are used may invalidate your warranty.
Corolla Service - stevek
Thanks and of course you are correct. I have looked at the service schedule and the only item that has to be replaced that I do not know about is a charcol canister. Is this a particular expensive part? I don't even know where it is located.

Corolla Service - Dynamic Dave
Thanks and of course you are correct.

Well I've just re-read what I said, and I'm incorrect by suggesting the brake fluid should be changed annually. D'oh. That generally falls into the 2yr service interval - that is if people are actually bothered about having it changed of course.
Corolla Service - Martin Wall
Why not get a price from another Toyota dealer - albeit a bit further away? Get it (properly) serviced and it'll last for ages - don't and it won't. If your local independent is going to do it make sure it won't invalidate your warranty....
Corolla Service - DavidHM
If you bought a year's warranty separately, it would cost you ~£300. Even by shopping around, you'd need to spend £100 or so on the service. By all means get quotes from other Toyota dealers, but if none of them are worth it, pay up and get yourself an extra year's warranty for a negligible amount (less than £2 per week!)
Corolla Service - stevek
I have phoned three dealers and it varies between £165 and £172 for the service. You are right about the cost and looking at it weekly makes it more acceptable.
Thanks for all your comments-much appreciated.
Corolla Service - Wooster
I have a 1999 T plate corolla. A few tips. Buy some good quality oil and ask the Toyota dealer to use it. It will save about £10. Insist (in writing) that they do not refill the windscreen washer bottle. They usually charge about £10 for this, even if you give them the car with washer bottle full. Keep out of London, as the charges are higher - I don't know where you live. But about £160 is about what I've been quoted. For the sake of comparison, phone a VW dealer and ask about a service for a Golf... You'll think your Toyota is quite cheep after all!
Corolla Service - Wooster
Had my 'T' plate Corolla serviced (40,000 miles) at Inchcape (authorised Toyota dealer) in Guildford. Supplied my own oil and the bill was £114 inc Vat. Give them a try...


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