Vectra Fuel Filter - Andrew Mullin
Help please!

A bit of a novice when it comes to DIY repairs! 1997 P reg Vectra 1.6 16V LS, 94000 miles, very hesitant under acceleration. Feels like a fuel flow problem, so decided to invest in a new filter. Had the car since new, but don't think the filter has ever been changed. Just one problem - don't seem to be able to find it! Does anyone know where it is located, before I go out and buy a workshop manual?

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Vectra Fuel Filter - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Adjacent to rear nearside wheel wedged up tight between the tank and floorpan. Special tool required to release clips safely without knackering the snap fit connectors I'm afraid. You could try and do it with long nosed pliers but if you damage the connectors you are in for aggravation. Clogged filter would normally show up more as an inability to sustain higher speeds.
HT leads are a problem on these occasionally but very expensive (80 quid) as I would only recommend GM items. Lazy O2 sensor will give similar problems so seek an expert diagnosis before throwing bucketloads of money at it in an attempt to fix.

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Vectra Fuel Filter - lezebre
So there is a strong incentive to neglect this servicing item then. (Time was when you bought a Citroen if you didn't mind aggravation, and a Vauxhall if you wanted nice straightfoward diy servicing!)
Given that the standard of fuel leaving the forecourt is generally pretty high, there is obviously an incentive to leave the filter for (much?)longer than specified on a *petrol* car.
Would there be any other risk in so doing, apart from the one mentioned of possible eventual constriction of fuel at sustained high speed?
Vectra Fuel Filter - Andrew Mullin
Thanks for your help Andrew. Looks like I might leave it alone after all, especially if you don't think that's causing the problem! It's a strange problem really, which I didn't describe very well to be honest - most of the time, the car drives perfectly normally, but then maybe 1 journey in 5, everytime you put your foot down to accelerate (just normal acceleration by the way) and this applies in any gear, the car hesitates, then gives a jump and then accelerates. I think this may point towards your diagnosis of dodgy HT leads does it? I think I'll take your advice and get it checked out professionally and maybe get the fuel filter fitted as well!!

Just for the record, we are very happy with the Vectra. I have read a lot of posts about them here, but ours has provided 6 years of excellent motoring - obviously it's a bit underpowered around town, but cruising on the motorway it can't be beaten I don't think. Averages 40mpg at all times as well. Does like a regular diet of timing belts though!! Would have been changed 3 years ago normally, but it lost too much in depreciation, so we decided to run it in to the ground!!

Any more help would be greatly appreciated.


P.S I have a new MINI Cooper S for fun driving anyway - collected it 3 weeks ago, absolutely fantastic machine.


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