Buyers Fee at Auction - Chris M
Bought a car a BCA Blackbushe this week and was expecting to pay £165 buyers fee as a private punter. I did not complain however, when they invoiced me as an account customer at only £66. Question is, is the reduced fee to the trade just a discount for the regulars, or is there really more of a risk with a private punter.

Any idea?

Chris M
Buyers Fee at Auction - smokie
I bought one once in Preston for delivery to Wokingham (Berkshire) but they charged (much cheaper!) delivery to Wigan.

Of course, I pointed out their error...NOT
Buyers Fee at Auction - Vansboy
The difference doesn't relate to the risk element of the sale.
I would imagine it's the auction house seeing the opportunity to make a better margin from a private purchaser.
You will also have created a bigger workload for them, than a trader would.
if you look at it as ...
You bid & a buy a car, the rostrum clerk has to take your details, get your deposit, count it, make out some paperwork, get the cash to the office, the office have to create your documentation,maybee wait a day or two for you to come back with a bankers cheque,call the bank to make sure it's genuine, or more cash to count, if it's more than £10,000,notify 'dodgy dealing authorities',Securicor your money to the bank,deal with an anoyed vendor who's awaiting his payment if you were a couple of days late getting back to the sale.
Plus, of course, if you've bought from one of the branded, special sections, they probably sold it on a minimum or no commission basis & rely on the buyers premium as their profit.
A trader would buy his vehicle or vehicles, the auctioneer would probably know him, the paperwork is generated with minimum effort, he pays with a cheque on the day, lots less hassle,much faster,did you notice that HUGE non-account queue, when you want to pay? Result everyones happy!

Buyers Fee at Auction - Chris M
Thanks Vansboy for the explaination. The car was one of the last through and sold provisionally. Whilst waiting for confirmation, I sat watching the queues of traders and non-traders settling up. They were both quite long and slow moving, so I went back the next day with the wife to pay and drive away.

Chris M
Buyers Fee at Auction - PB
The trade fee is basically a discount. BCA have charged me the trade fee rather than private on a couple of occasions and both times I think were when I turned up the next day to pay & take the car away as you did.
Have you noticed BCA have now introduced a fee for private buyers to use Auctionview? That's really annoying, a backward step for them.
Buyers Fee at Auction - Chris M
I subscribed to 50 searches over 2 months for £10 which I thought was reasonable value. I'd never managed to get the Auctionview to work properly when it was free. I'm about an hours drive from Blackbushe, so it saves a wasted journey. I was looking for another Vectra and there were 15 on sale on Monday, of which I was intrested in about 6. It's likely to be a couple of years before I need to return, so paying for the service isn't a problem for me, but if you're a regular, I can see your point.

Chris M


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