Peugeot 406 speedo - Stumpy
Can't find this covered already, so please help. I see from reports that speedo failure on 406 is known problem. What is the usual fault ? ( yes I know the needle stops moving ! )Is it usually the dash unit or something in the gearbox. I've checked for loose connections to the dash, so I assume its a replacement job. Any good contacts for the parts needed would be appreciated.
Peugeot 406 speedo - maru
get the magnetic sensor checked. Its mounted on the gearbox. might be weak, and need replacement
Peugeot 406 speedo - Vansboy
Do you have sat nav fitted?
Looks like if you do,as per car by car breakdown,it could be linked.
Don't have a cure though, sorry.
Peugeot 406 speedo - Reggie
Has yours failed Stumpy? If so, what model is yours. On the 2.1td, the usual cause is an "interface" box, found high up in the glove box compartment, with a lot of other "boxes". This is a box of electrical gubins. Mine failed at 45,000 miles. I first replaced the electronic drive unit(£40.00), and when this didn't work was then looking at the speedo head (about £200.00), when by chance the person at the local Peugeot spares told me that he supplies about one "interface" a week for the 2.1td. This cured mine.The failure may be caused by another component on other model types i.e. 1.9, 2.0 etc.

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