My omega 3.0l is now a kangaroo - kompressor_uk
now this is odd to me but maybe not be to you guys ;)

Basically over the last say 2 months the car is generally been
loosing the ability to maintain a constant speed as such without hopping/ jumping call it what you will.

What happens is this :

Join motorway say 80mph when trying to accelerate the car
seems to \"hop\" \"jump\" to that effect anyways and i can not go any
faster... also the orange engine light comes on.


the same effect as above but i can now go no more than 70 mph


again same effect but now im am limited to 60pmh lol.

I can see a general decline here! Now when the car is cold in the morning it revs thru the gears (auto) sorta normal but once hot it has a hard time accelereating without \"hopping\" and the light appearing.

Soon ill be limited to 30mph lol i reckon. I heard something
about velocity in the auto box so should i check oil in gearbox and replace, is this the issue maybe ?

Any pointers would be appreciated.

Many thanks

My omega elite `M` Plate 3.0l is now a k - king arthur
Sounds like the ECU has gone into "limp home mode" as a result of some engine fault, need to take it to someone who can decipher the ECU fault code.
My omega elite `M` Plate 3.0l is now a k - kompressor_uk
wow...does it have that. no ones mentioned that as yet... sounds feasible tho i guess.

i always did wonder if id accidentally put a limiter on the engine somehow (like i could in my benz once)... but never found it lol...

does this normalkly mean summin bad is gonna happen :(

thanks again

My omega elite `M` Plate 3.0l is now a k - goodie2shooz
Hi John,

I'm no expert on cars (aint that the truth lol), but does the Omega have a fuel filter? The reason I ask is that I've had a wee bit of trouble with my car lately (all fixed now though!!) and one of the RAC guys that came to look at it ask me about how the car ran at around 70/80.
He said that one sign that the fuel filter wasn't up to scratch was the symptoms you have described.

Just an idea :o) ...... anyway, I hope you get it fixed soon.


My omega elite `M` Plate 3.0l is now a k - Aprilia
Sounds like some form of fuel starvation to me. You need to check delivery pressure and flow rate.
My omega elite `M` Plate 3.0l is now a k - Andy P
If it's like the Cavalier, the orange engine light signifies a problem with the engine management system or one of the many sensors connected to it. If it is in "limp home" mode, then you need to get it checked pretty quickly, as running like this for too long can knacker the catalyst.

My omega elite `M` Plate 3.0l is now a k - Mark (RLBS)
If you'd care to tell me what you intended the title of the thread to be, I'll change it for you.
My omega elite `M` Plate 3.0l is now a k - Dave_TD
I think the missing word, Mark, is "kangaroo"...

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