Peugeot 205 cuts out when cold - Oz
SWMBO's Peugeot 205 XL, 1124 cc (H reg) fires up instantly in all weathers but always needs the choke for a few miles. Choke or not, when cold it has a frustrating habit of instantly dying stone dead when downing the clutch and braking for whatever reason.
At first I was (chauvinistically) sceptical when she told me the problem, thinking she was misjudging the use of the choke. Now I'm convinced. I assume it's some form of fuel starvation during braking because there's no problem at all re-starting.
This problem followed a full service by the local Peugeot dealer and didn't exist beforehand. The car has if anything had a tendency to flood when hot and this is what I had asked the dealer to check out. When hot, always needs some seconds of high speed churning before firing.
Is this a characteristic of this engine?
Oz (as was)
Peugeot 205 cuts out when cold - David Davies
It sounds as if the idle mixture has been adjusted too lean.Suggest you have the CO reading at idle checked.If its below 1% it could cause the problem you describe.This model does need a fair bit of 'churning over' when hot,in fact some of them had a sticker on the windscreen which advised you (in French of course) to 'demarrer sur plancher sans pomper',which I think means crank the engine over with a wide open throttle but do not pump it.
David Davies (Tune-Up Raglan)
Peugeot 205 cuts out when cold - Oz
Many thanks for your comments David, will take up with the garage concerned.
Your last comment certainly reflects my own experience about measures needed to avoid flooding.
Oz (as was)
Peugeot 205 cuts out when cold - Bats
Hi Oz
I used to have a J reg 1.1 TU engined 205. It exhibited the same problem as you have, i.e. it wouldnt idle with the choke valve pushed in until it was thoroughly warmed up. Turned out that the cold start flap thermostat in the intake trunking was broken and it was pulling in cold air all the time. I cut a length of stiff rubber hose to length ( about 2") and jammed the flap so that it was taking in warm air from the exhaust manifold all the time. It ran like that for 3 years with no problem.
Hope this helps.
Peugeot 205 cuts out when cold - Oz
Thanks Bats, looks like I have some excellent suggestions to check out.
Oz (as was)

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