BMW 6 Series - Bmw Sam
Hi There

Has anyone had a bmw 6 series from the 80s?

If you have, was it a good car, and whats the pros and cons of owning one.....It seems to still have a strong following and alot of people already class it as a collectors car, and do you think it would be an investment in the right condition?
Your thoughts please...

BMW 6 Series - Ian (Cape Town)
had an "illegitimate" wheel-size, which makes tyres an expensive proposition!
Also, check out HJ's Car-By-Car breakdown on the left.
BMW 6 Series - Jonathan {p}
My Brother has the M tech 6. Fantastic car, but not cheap to run. Parts are expensive too and not really available from anywhere except BMW.

BMW 6 Series - Cardew
There is a website for the 6 Series - full of info
BMW 6 Series - Morris Ox

they're an investment onl if you go for the M635, which, if my memory serves me correctly, had the same 286bhp straight six as the first M5. Beaut of an engine, but I don't think they did an auto if you're looking for a cruiser. Indeed, the 6 can be quite tail-happy as it hasn't got all the traction nannies you find on modern Bee Ems.

Lot of rusty ones around these days, so you need to be absolutely sure of its pedigree.

Lesser versions can be nice provided they're sound, but they're not classics. Only the M falls into that category
BMW 6 Series - madf
I drove a 635 auto. Felt smooth but underpowered and tail happy in wet.
Serious corrosion in front wheel arches: I have seen holes in some.

I think the looks at the front are decidedly a matter of personal taste: (downright ugly but that's my opinion..)

If you were to buy one only the M series is worth while, parts are horrendously expensive and you MUST buy only the best: otherwise a very expensive ownership awaits you.

Personally I would not bother: iffy looks and handling plus cost make it not really a long term success imo
BMW 6 Series - Collos25
The 6 series in Germany was called the widow maker and with good reason if you had the M model.They did not like stopping or going round corners and with the limiter removed they would hit 170mph.There are a few mint examples turning up in the German DAZ and they still fetch good money.But then again early 8s are for nothing at the moment
BMW 6 Series - Wally Zebon
Up until September last year I had a 1981 635CSi. Absolutely fantastic car! I was looking at a web site last night with pics of one on it and it made me want another.

Yes they are extremely tail happy in the wet. The 635CSi has 218BHP and the M635CSi has 286BHP.
The M635 was only made as a manual. They only made 101 RHD M635s. At least one has been written off and one was shipped to New Zealand, so you are looking at under 100 in this country making a rather exclusive club. It could be expensive to join though. Give Munich Legends a call (01825 740456). They will talk to you for hours about the pros and cons of each. Budget for over £10k for a good M635.

If I was to go for another one, it would have to be a 635CSI Highline model (Leather dash and roof lining!) from 1988 on. They stopped making them in 1989, but there are a few 1990 reg cars out there. You can pick up a mint example (if you're careful)for under £7K. Make sure you know what you're looking at though.

Check out Fantastic american web site for all things BMW with a specific 6 series forum. That's where I learned everything I know about 6's.

PS - a NEW 6 series is due out from BMW next year, so older ones may start to go up in value.


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