omega rattles when cold - paul67
My father has just brought a 1997 omega 2.0i cd 16v estate for £3000.00
when he starts it up in the morning the engine rattles for a while, until it warms up.
does any one know of any problems with this engine and should he try to return to the garage he got it from.
thanks for any replys.
omega rattles when cold - kal
It\'s probably the hydraulic tappets that rattle until sufficient oil pressure builds up when engine is warm.
omega rattles when cold - Dynamic Dave
When you say "the engine rattles for a while" how long are we talking here? A few seconds, or several minutes? The former and as already mentioned it's probably the hydraulic valve lifters; if the latter then it could be the cambelt until the engine has expanded enough with heat to take up the slack. How many miles has the Omega done, btw?

omega rattles when cold - Omegaman
My old 2.0 16V did this, got noticably worse after about 40000 miles - I Put it down to the hydraulic lifters, it shouldn't rattle for more than 5-6 seconds (I would say) then as the lifters fill with oil it should quiten down generally. Good quality oil (eg 0 or 5W-30, synthetic or semi) helps a bit.
omega rattles when cold - SpamCan61 {P}
My 2.5 V6 with 126K on it ratlles a fair bit for a few seconds on start up, it's a 'characteristic' of the car I think. Agree that the root cause is probably the lifters: I've been running semi-synth oil due to leaking cam cover gasket; but now that's fixed will try fully synth at the next oil change to see if it quietens down.
omega rattles when cold - paul67
thanks for your help
this car seems to rattle for about 4 to 5 minutes.
dealer says he will go halves on a recon engine from vauxhall,
ie £500.00
good deal ?????
thanks for help
omega rattles when cold - Mark (RLBS)

You say your Father "just bought" the car. And the dealer is admitting some level of responsibility by offering to pay half.

If "just" means two days ago, then the dealer should be paying all of it. If, on the other hand, "just" means three months ago, then it is probably a fair deal.

It also depends if the engine is otherwise sound or not. A recon engine might put you in a much better position than you expected to be when you bought the car, so then the deal would also be fair.

Presumably since the recon would be from Vauchall, it probably comes with a guarantee/warranty of some description; given that, unless you reckon the dealer deliberately conned your Father, I'd probably go with the deal.
omega rattles when cold - paul67
thanks mark
yes my dad brought this car three days ago and has been offerd a full refund on it, but he has fell in love!!!!!
the dealer gave him a £500.00 guarantee and says the engine from vauxhall is over 1000.00 with a vauxhall 12 month waranty.
seems a good deal?
makes a p reg omega estate £3500.00
omega rattles when cold - DavidHM
If he'd rather do this than get a full refund, I suppose he should go for it.

Of course, be very careful - your father has signed a contract for the full amount and in law there is such a thing as loss of a bargain. Because the dealer has breached the imlpied term of fitness for purpose if a recon engine is actually justified (I'm not sure it is and how come either the dealer or your father didn't notice this start up rattle in the first place) then, in theory, you could push for more.

Of course, being a bit 'tappety' probably doesn't justify a whole new £1k engine, especially given that the dealer has access to labour and parts at trade prices. £3k is cheap for a 97 Omega estate too. Although the whole situation is slightly bizarre and he could possibly get more, as Mark says, he'd be put into a better position by this recon engine, so although getting it fixed free, but not replaced, or a straight refund might be better, there is a certain logic in getting the new engine put in if he plans to keep the car for several years.
omega rattles when cold - Dynamic Dave
dealer says he will go halves on a recon engine from
vauxhall, ie £500.00 - good deal ?????

Is the garage not willing to trace the source of the rattle and try and remedy before condemning and replacing with a recon unit? It could be something as simple as a loose exhaust shield that quietens as it warms up. Therefore, no; having to pay £500 to sort out a problem that was there when your father bought the car does not sound like a good deal to me.

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