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hi all

a quick one which i am sure has been asked before. My M reg CLTDI Passat just failed its MOT due to badly aligned and heavily worn back brakes. What would it be resonable to pay for this job in 1) VW main dealer 2) local trusted garage? Could i chance it and go to some quick fit place, or would this be very foolish?

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reasonable to pay for what ?
just replacing the pads, or pads and discs ?

my local dealer quoted £180+ for replacing rear pads & disks

my recommendation would be to do it yourself. If that is not an option, then get some quotes from the local tyre/brake places to give you an idea of what you might pay and then go to one of them or try and find a local, good, mechanic.

We had a local, good, mechanic before we moved. 2 years ago, replace front disks and pads on SWMBO's astra - £50

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Brake jobs, whether involving the pads or the pads and discs, are easy and will be entrusted to the dimmest 17 year old apprentice, assuming he's managed to find his way into work that morning. There's no need to go to a franchise for this - yes, brakes are safety critical but it's still an easy job. Do phone around several quotes. If you go to an independent, rather than a fast fit, it may be worth asking them to use Volkswagen original parts, because these may last longer, e.g., cheap pads may not dissipate heat as well and warp discs more easily.
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Whoever you get to do the rear brakes on the Passat make sure that they've got the correct tool to wind back the pistons in the rear calipers. If the correct tool isn't used then you will have an even bigger bill!
Passat Back Brakes - martin
thanks for advice.

is this correct tool the kind of thing I could pick up myself? Or is it simply not worth it? I would like to do the job myself, but being brakes am a little concerned about doing it right and not boshing it up!!!
Passat Back Brakes - bertj
The tool is made by Sykes-Pickavent, part number 66066500 - Brake wind-Back Tool. It costs £19.99 from Halfords and comes with one adapter which may or may not be the correct one for your Passat. I had to buy an extra adapter at a cost of £10.
I would also suggest you buy a Haynes manual at about £15. Then you've got the cost of the pads and discs - it all mounts up.
If you have to replace the rear disks you may also have a problem with removal - I think they are held on with the wheel bearing nut which may have to be renewed and correctly torqued.
My personal advice would be to find a good, non-franchised VW specialist unless you really want to get into serious DIY!
Passat Back Brakes (a scam?) - martin
Have just had the back brakes changed at my local garage here in Grenoble, France. However, they said that my Passat CLTDI 1994 needed new wheels, the drums which house the brake calipers that is. I could not afford this extra cost so just had the brakes changed. The drums seem rusted, but then i thought this was normal??? Anyway, they were real pushy about this and at 263euros I was not about to sign a cheque until i\'d asked the boys at the Backroom! Are they having me on, because i have never heard of anyone changing the drums before?

I might add that inside the drums it is smooth and may be a little worn, but how am I to know what it should look like?
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Perhaps the drums have worn to the limit, i.e. to the specified maximum inside diameter. Drums and discs used to last \'forever\' but this seems to be no longer the case.

Couldn\'t you change the drums yourself and save a lot of expense?
Passat Back Brakes (a scam?) - martin
yes, i can easily do this myself, but the parts are apparently very expensive anyway. The brakes have already been changed. I am just suprised that on a car of 8 years the drums are already worn. Don\'t make them as they used to i suppose!!!
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Martin, I have moved your new thread into the previous one you started on the same subject. btw, it\'s Brakes, not Breaks. DD.
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I think what I am about to write is correct, but if others know better, please say so.

Asbestos-containing brake linings used to be quite soft, compared with the asbestos-free items we now use. This means that discs and drums wear much faster than they used to. I also heard that VW cars are particularly prone to this fast wear.

My own 1997 Polo 1.9CLD has just had its second replacement set of front disks and pads fitted - on this car they seem to wear out about the same time. Similarly the rear shoes and drums have also just been replaced for the first time. All this at the 100k mile service.

Hope this helps
Wheel Drums. Can they wear out? - martin
Have been told by my local garage to change the rear wheel drums on my Passat TDI. The car has done 150k. The back brakes have just been done and i have to say that the drums did look kinda tired, or very rusty shall i say. But are they a \"servicable part\" requiring change, i thought not. Besides the cost is 300 euros a pair!!!


Martin, it\'s brakes NOT Breaks. Have edited, as with previous posts of yours. DD
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I'm about to risk my forum registration by challenging our honourable moderator again ...

Martin is not entirely incorrect in calling the things 'breaks'. 'Breaks' or 'break-speeds' is exactly what they used to be known as in the earlier days of mechanised transport but, along the way, someone mis-spelt the word as 'brakes' and this has perpetuated.
Wheel Drums. Can they wear out? - Dizzy {P}
Sorry DD, I forgot the big Smiley!!
Wheel Drums. Can they wear out? - Dynamic Dave
So Dizzy, are you trying to tell me to give Martin a Break with the spelling lesson? ;o)


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