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I have had a cheap quote for car insurance from More Than, the policy being with the Royal and Sun Alliance, I thought it was really good until a friend said to be careful with them as they had bad results and were not in a very stable position.

I would appreciate any comments on this.
Car Insurance - JamesH
My personal opinion is that there is not much to worry about here with a 1 year car insurance policy.

If you were getting a life insurance policy then you could be more concerned. This is likely to be what your friend may have heard somewhere but the worry is mainly over poor returns than insolvency. RSA might not have been as strong as in the past but insurers - life insurers in particular - have been battered by the stock market over the last couple of years.

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Been with them for years and Royal before takeover (through a special Plod deal with a Liverpool Broker) - Found them not excessive compared with others and willing to listen when I wrote pleading poverty at renewal time.

Read the report last year that there had been a glitch and emailed them to find out what the position was and was informed no problems with motor Insurance. Like many they had been hit with Selby, 911 etc.

MLC and Full Chat - Roland Smith - see Narpo Newsletter.
Police Review - No.

Car Insurance - frostbite
Likewise, been with RSA/MT for years and coincidentally got renewal notice today - a massive 23p per month increase in premium over last year!

They have always been much cheaper than any other quote, and I always ring round at renewal time.
IIRC they don't make any extra charge for monthly payment by DD.
Car Insurance - mal
Been searching for quotes for my son who is 28 to drive a 92 Honda Civic 1.5 LSI no NCD, full licence held since 1992, fully comp.
Direct Line wanted £678 compared to AXA which came out at £418.
It certainly pays to shop around!.
Car Insurance - Drivethru
Thanks for replies, I have decided to go with the More Than quote as I got my renewal from Norwich Union Direct and it had gone up £13 and was £43 more expensive than More Than. When I rang NUD to politely say they were quite a bit more expensive they could'nt have cared less. The response I got was 'OK then just don't pay the renewal and your policy will lapse'. Bye bye Norwich Union.
Car Insurance - Blue {P}
£43!?! I don't even notice differences in different insurance company's prices unless it is greater than £100! :O

In fact, if my insurance only goes up by £100 next year I doubt I'l even bother shopping around...

Fully Comp Fiesta = £1700! (and that's the cheapest quote by over £500!
Car Insurance - frostbite
£43!?! I don't even notice differences in different insurance company's prices
unless it is greater than £100! :O
Fully Comp Fiesta = £1700! (and that's the cheapest quote by
over £500!

Fully comp Scorpio = £214 !
Car Insurance - DavidHM
Blue, don't worry, assuming you keep your NCB it'll go way down! My second year's premium (1 year NCB) is down by 25% or over £200, and that's age 23-24 - and being 19 might mean that some insurers will look at you more favourably. Think how many people will consider you for free insurance at 19, but not 18 o 17...
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I agree, mine went down by £400 with 1 years NCB! Now only £1000 to insure 1.25 Fiesta!! (fully comp of course!)

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