SORN versus scrapping - Cliff Pope
A car that is not taxed has to be either SORNed or scrapped, and I understand that evidence of scrapping has to be produced.
What happens in the case of a car that is SORNed, and kept off the road for a long time as a source of spares? It will gradually dwindle away as bits get removed, either for immediate use or stored away for future use, until in the end there may be very little left.
Some time in the next 6 months I shall be left with a rusty shell, with no doors or body panels or mechanical components. The door post with the stamped-on commission number has long since rusted away, and I shall probably cut up what remains to avoid paying a collection charge. How do I provide evidence of scrapping, or will the car live forever in SORN limbo, as a diffuse theoretical and dispersed collection of bits?
Will my descendants still be SORNing the "car" in fifty years time?
SORN versus scrapping - Gen
I've got two cars on SORN, one that will never see the road again. I only SORNed them to get the road tax back. Just send it off as scrapped when time comes. The Councils can't keep up with abandoned cars so can't imagine are going to bother with a SORNed car- never been to see mine.

How are you going to cut it up? What tools? Don't forget to drop the petrol tank etc. off first!

I read an article in Car Mechanic that scrap prices are heading up slowly so perhaps collection won't be as much as you think. Got rid of two scrapped cars two years ago and didn't cost, but not sure if that was for a favour or not.
SORN versus scrapping - Dwight Van Driver

Yours is a very complex question and at the end of the day will involve the ultimate authority: DVLA.

Suggest that you pose your problem for answer in an EMail to:

Their reply, which make take a little time, will be authorative and you can then udate this thread.


SORN versus scrapping - Harmattan
Did this last year. The V5 has a section for you to sign when you personally are scrapping a vehicle. Any check by DVLA is highly unlikely given that any vehicle already off the road when SORN came in does not have to be SORN'd and it would be pointless chasing ex-SORN vehicles but ignoring these others. I cut my shell up with a reciprocating saw and angle grinder and disposed off it bit by bit in the metals skip at the local council tip. Residual petrol can be used for lighting bonfires, brake fluid burnt, and oil again to the tip. Strictly, I guess I and my descendants may have to retain old asbestos brake pads forever or pay a specialist contractor to take the offending objects away!
SORN versus scrapping - Galaxy
I disposed of a SORN'ed car a couple of years ago. Filled in the transfer section of the V5 and sent off to DVLA, passed car and remainder of V5 to new owner, even though he happened to be the local scrappy!

It cost me £25 to have it taken away!
SORN versus scrapping - martint123
Strictly, I guess I and my descendants may have to retain old asbestos brake pads forever or pay a specialist contractor to take the offending objects away!

Our local authority has just this week got a license to accept asbestos at its household waste site.

The old garage is slowly going there ;-)

SORN versus scrapping - Cliff Pope
I have had a reply from the DVLA, as follows:
?You should only tell DVLA that a vehicle has been scrapped if you actually break it up or destroy it yourself. If this is the case, enter the date of scrapping on your registration document and return it to the DVLA. We require no evidence that you have destroyed the vehicle?

They would not be drawn on the question of when a vehicle that is slowly being raided for parts becomes ?scrap?. It would seem that SORN can continue at the discretion of the owner for as long as he thinks he might want to rebuild and re-licence the car.
The lack of any requirement to submit evidence of scrapping is curious. It opens the obvious loophole and potential for dubious re-creation of vehicles from parts from various cars. So it would be worth hanging on to a collection of SORNed vehicles in name only just in case.
Also of course they might one day offer grants to induce people to scrap older cars, as has happened in other countries.

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