saab 9-5 - Jonathan {p}
Hi all

I have just bought a 90k FSSH 1998 'R' saab 9-5 2.0 lpt SE.

There seems to be a problem with the synchro in reverse as in it won't go in easily at all. I have spoken to saab and other gearbox specialists who have all told me that it is a common fault with this gearbox (same as vx vectra v6). Saab have produced a fix kit and want to charge £1200 to change it. Luckily I bought the car from a dealer, who is honouring the warranty he gave me and paying for the repair at a local specialist gearbox place (costing £450). I will be getting a 12 month warranty on the work they do, so should be happy with that.

Has anyone else suffered from gearbox trouble with these cars?

Would it be prudent to pay to get the clutch changed while they have the gearbox out, even if it isnt too worn? Labour charges for the extra should be 1/2 hr and parts are £190.

Many Thanks

saab 9-5 - Nsar
It happened to mine, from memory about 5k miles from new so everything was done without a murmur but I can't recall if the clutch was replaced. Try searching for SAAB Owners Club UK there's a superb forum there with separate sections for 9-3, 9-5 etc.
saab 9-5 - RichardW
There's no synchro on reverse, so don't know what the fault is, but good you can get it sorted under warranty. However, given that changing the clutch on a FWD drive car normally requires about 1 full day's labour, and at 90k it is likely to be getting towards the end of its life, then I would definitely have it changed whilst the 'box is out at someone else's exense!

saab 9-5 - nick
Yes, change it, and don't forget the release bearing too.

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