Cooking smell - roadrunner
Sorry for my ignorance, but whenever I switch on the heater fan I get all sorts of smell. This happens even if I have cool air blowing.

Smell range from egg to curry.

My car is a Carlton Diplomat , with 122,000 on the clock. Runs extremely well.

Can anybody enlighten me ?


Cooking smell - Andy P
Does it happen all the time, or only shortly after the engine has been started? Does the car have a catalyst? If so, you can often get a smell of rotten eggs as the catalyst starts working. Once it's hot, the smell disappears.

Cooking smell - roadrunner
It does not happen all the time, only occasionally. I am not sure if it only happens after the engine has been started. I have to observe it over the next few days.

No idea if the car has a catalyst. I will have a look at the hayes manual.


Cooking smell - Dynamic Dave
Does the car have air-con? If so, it might need deodourising.
Cooking smell - roadrunner
Yes there is air-con but I don't think that is is working. I only get hot air or normal temperature air (not the cool , icy air that you normally get with air-con)

Cooking smell - Railroad
Check the heater matrix for leaks. Does the winscreen mist up when you switch the blower on?
Cooking smell - roadrunner
The windscreen does not mist up when the blower is switched on. Any other way of checking for leaks?

Cooking smell - Yoby
Sounds very much like heater matrix to me. I had exactly the same a few years back on a Renault. Slightly fish&chippy smell, but not as nice. Check for dampness on or under carpets. Will slowly get worse, until rusty colours start coming through the carpet!

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