Value / Advice on selling my Volvo - NigelFN
Hi there,

I wonder if anyone can give me some advice on the value / best way of moving my Volvo?

The car is a 850 GLT 96N 2.5 Auto Estate, in metallic silver. The mileage is pretty steep - 146,000, but a full Volvo service history.

What would be the best way of describing it in an ad so as not to get too many calls, then hang-ups when the mileage is mentioned.

I'm not desperate to shift it, would put some further money with the proceeds to get something newer. If I hang on, is there any value in keeping the Volvo service history up or would a different garage suffice?

Any comments / suggestions gratefully received.
Value / Advice on selling my Volvo - DavidHM
Volvo 850 GLT 2.5 Auto estate, 96N, silver, ABS, air con ... excellent condition, full Volvo service history but motorway miles hence £3500 ono.

Assuming of course it has spent its life in top gear on the motorway. I think £3500 is about right, it might be a little bit on the high side for the mileage but it's not unrealistic if the car's in excellent condition. It is after all a good colour and spec.

There's no inherent resale value left in having a full Volvo service history, or at least not more than a couple of hundred quid, which you'd probably get back at the next service. On the other hand, if your dealer is any good and not overpriced, you don't know a reasonably priced, reliable specialist, it might be worth staying within the network so that, if anything did fail exceptionally, you would get the problem diagnosed quickly and effectively with an outside chance of goodwill from your dealer.
Value / Advice on selling my Volvo - Martin Wall
...well if you've kept up the FVSH for 146k and assuming they aren't ripping you off, why change? For every specialist there are some real bodgers.
Value / Advice on selling my Volvo - PB
I would put the miles in the ad. 146k is not that bad and saves the wasted calls you mentioned. I don't like ads with no mileage in and 'motorway miles' sounds too dealer-ish. Try "Full Volvo main dealer service history", and if it's only had one previous owner then say so. Trade price is around £2,500 so £3,450 sounds like a good start.

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