Power Problems? - CM
Wonder if any of you BRers can help out.

I have a BMW 530d and it seems that I have a power delivery problem. I have been to the dealer who did a diagnostic check and all seems to be OK but I am not sure.

Firstly, in first gear power seems to be just OK until it hits 3000 rpm, where there is a sudden boost in power. The dealer said that this was normal after he test drove it but I somehow don\'t think that this is the case. In other gears esp 3,4 & 5 the acceleration from about 2-2.5k is very flat and takes a longer time to build up speed than it used to. There is no istantaneous whoosh.

With regards to speed, this does not seem to have been affected but the time getting there has. I suppose it could be the mind playing tricks!

Would appreciate any thoughts that you might have.

Power Problems? - Peter D
Take a passenger and a good stop watch and do a 0 to 60 mph and test it, That is where it will show Peter
Power Problems? - jud
Every car i have owed has had an occasional \'off day\' were it seems to be running poor, also have you considered trying a diesel source as recommended by HJ?. To do a bench mark check on the o-60 would involve high revs burning clutch & tyres, not recommend, perhaps a 30-50 test would be more sensible.
Power Problems? - Gazza
Would it be a duff tank of fuel? (e.g. high water-ratio, etc.) Try using a different garage and see if the car improves.
Power Problems? - CM
Changed garages and doesn\'t seem to make a difference (BP, Shell and Esso).

Would a rolling road be the best bet?
Power Problems? - Peter D
A clean 0 - 60 does not require spinning of wheels and burning clutches You conjour up a pickure of a 'Rude Boy' blow out with the rev limiter moved up. Peter
Power Problems? - CM
I've been on a BM site to see if anyone could shed some light on this problem and one chap said that he had. He said that early turbo units were prone to having sticking vanes in the turbo.

Could someone explain what this is and is there anyway I can check myself or is it only a garage that can do it?
Power Problems? - jud
auto.howstuffworks.com/turbo.htm This may help

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