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> I have a '93 Nissan Primera 2.0 LXi, with a faulty driver's electric window. Two or three times it has gone down OK, but only come up after a lot of playing with the switch, so now I am afraid to use it! I have removed the door trim, and checked out the switch, the obvious suspect, but that appears to be OK. I don't want to replace the motor unit, without being certain that the fault does not lie somewhere else, so can anyone suggest a simple test that I might carry out?
As a point of interest; would this cause it to fail an MOT?
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Hi Leonardo

Are you aware of the Nissan Primera Owners Club? (it\'s mostly aimed at modders though)

I have the same problem with my Primera. Apparently it\'s due to lack of lubrication, is it better when it\'s raining??

According to the NPOC the problem can be sorted by putting some WD40 or similar on the rubbers but personally this makes a right mess of the windows so I just live with it. I presume the final solution would be to replace the window rubber but no doubt this would be ridiculously over-priced as per usual Nissan parts pricing!

Hope this helps
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How did you check the switch ? It may look fine, but essentially you need to put a meter across it and test it as you open and close it. (failing a tester, you could bodge together a bulb and a battery with a couple of pieces of wire).

Its difficult to see how it could be anything other than the switch, if fiddling with the switch eventually makes it work.
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I had a 92 primera, the drivers window once failed to wind back up during a rainy day! As you, playing with the switch finally got it to wind up. The next day i set about removing the door trim but first thought to try it. The dam thing worked and never failed again, so i never did know why it had failed. What i did do however was liberally spray ptfe along both vertical runners and along the horizontal.
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Thanks for the advice. As it happens you were wrong, but it spurred me into sorting it out. I waited until I would not be using the car for a couple of days, then with fingers crossed, I opened the window about 3 cm. But it wouldn\'t go up again!
It wasn\'t binding, so the problem had to be the power amplifier or the motor. After studying my Haynes manual again, I guessed it was most likely the amplifier, and also I could hear a relay in it click when I pushed the switch down, but not when I pushed it up. I also spotted in the book that there was a connector on the wire to the motor, and it was therefore possible to break this, & check for power. That confirmed what my problem was, and I also realised that if I bridged the connector with a pair of wires, but crossing them over, I ought to be able to reverse the motor & wind the window up.
And it worked!!
Now I just need a new power amp unit. Or rather one from a breaker. New one quoted at £165!!
Nissan Primera Electric Windows - leonardo
I had a problem with my Primera driver\'s electric window, in that it would go down but didn\'t come up. It turned out to be the window power amplifier, but my local Nissan dealer quoted £165 for a new one!! Google directed me to and I filled in the form giving car & part details. The next morning my phone rang, and Bob from Bradgate Motors in Rotherham said \"They are £15 each. How many do you want?\". Three days later it arrived on my door mat.
What service!

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