Motoring Utopia - Rob the Bus
Now I'm getting to know you Back Roomers a little better, I'd be intrigued to know what your number one wish is for motoring. What would be your idea of motoring heaven?

Mine would be simply being able to afford to buy a classic Triumph TR4 or similar and cruise around the beautiful country lanes with the top down (the car's top, not mine - that would not be a nice sight).

Over to you...
Motoring Utopia - Tomo.
A Ferrari eight for Toad to annoy (some of the twelves would be a bit much).

And the \'phone call to say I\'d won that Ferrari.

And in that case, a second garage!

Cheers to the enlightened,


I took out the stupid parts of the note. M.
Motoring Utopia - HF
Mine - a 'beam me up Scottie' device that meant I no longer have to risk life and limb on the roads...
Motoring Utopia - NWS
Flying car and mine is the only one.
Motoring Utopia - Obsolete
A nice new Jaguar XKR with free servicing and petrol. Oh and the sense to drive the thing safely.

Damn. Who asked this silly question. I like my Ka. :)
Motoring Utopia - Yoby
A summer's morning, a clear motorway .........

Try the A75 AutoRoute down the western side of France. Beautiful scenery, straight roads, smooth surface, nowone else in sight .... plus it is mainly free. I do this run about twice a year and it is a terrific drive. I know it is motorway, but it is somehow different!

Slightly OT I know, so sorry! Y
Motoring Utopia - HF
Not off-topic at all, Yoby.
Motoring Utopia - THe Growler
Been there and done it!

# 1: Candyapple Red Mustang V-8 c. 1966 convertible with Growlette in the RH seat in baby doll tee and cut off denims and Best Of The Ronettes playing on the (aftermarket) cassette:

# 2: 120 mph for six hours straight in a Holden Monaro V-8
across the Barclay Highway in N. Queensland, with only 4 other vehicles seen during that time.

It's about V-8's (or V-Twins if it's a bike).
Motoring Utopia - Amin_{p}
Mine is much more humble. It is that I would wake one morning, and find my Citroen AX TGD is resorted to factory default settings, and everything in it that is wrong ?that included exhaust, shocks, mounts, bodywork, tracking, steering, oil leak, clutch, alarm, wiper, injectors, drive shaft (knocking for months now), wiring, seats (the seats in my car `free float? that is to say when I accelerate, unless I hang on to the steering wheel, the driver?s seat will do a summersault), oh, and not mention brakes- is all fixed by the car mechanic wish fairy. (come to think of it, I am amazed it?s got an MOT). That way, when I press the acceleration pedal on the car, I won?t have to pray that I don?t see the wheels going past me or that the car halves into two and my bottom is scraping the road. There you go, that?s my motoring utopia. In case you are wondering why I am stuck with this marvel of French technology, how about because I am a student. (and the classical implication on my bank account).
Motoring Utopia - CM
# 2: 120 mph for six hours straight in a Holden
Monaro V-8
across the Barclay Highway in N. Queensland, with only 4 other
vehicles seen during that time.

So how much of the time were you driving and how much of the time were you standing beside a petrol pump?

My utopia, would be to have the roads half as full with people driving in the correct lane and the speed limit to be raised to 80/85 mph so you can make decent progress without worrying about being collared by the cops.
Motoring Utopia - THe Growler
Stopped thrice as I recall whether tank empty or not. Out there in the woop-woop you stop EVERY time you see a pump, cos they tend to be few and far between.
Motoring Utopia - volvoman
Mine's a world in which the likes of Red Ken, 2 jabs (sorry Jags) et al are forced to either walk everywhere or use public transport.
Motoring Utopia - mal
Buying a new car with a "free petrol for the life of the car" special offer would be one of mine.
Motoring Utopia - 3500S

A NADA Rover P6 3500, the one with the air-con, electric windows, anti-skid brakes.

A Citroen DS Decapotable.

And the money to keep them looking great and being able to drive them everyday.

Value my car