To all Omega 2.5 TD owners - Gazza
What's the lowest price for a N/P/R/S-reg Omega CDX with the 2.5 BMW TurboDiesel at the moment? (I am willing to travel over the country to find a right car, my QX was 160 miles away. I am willing to buy from any source)

Also, is manual or auto better with that engine? (If manual, I would budget for a clutch change. If auto, I would budget for a ... err, recon-box)

Lastly, what kind of mpg do you get from the BM Diesel? (Manual & auto)

I would like as many toys as my QX so I guess CD is out and CDX is my only option.

To all Omega 2.5 TD owners - DavidHM
The best looking one I could find was this:

N plate, 93k, one owner + demo, black (excellent colour) CDX (good spec) estate (normally worth a lot more than saloons anyway).

I know the URL includes salvage, but it appears that they're a part-ex specialist. It's up in Northumberland but it's not *that* far from Cambridge, is it?
To all Omega 2.5 TD owners - Gazza
I'll be visiting my sister in Edinburgh next Friday so will drop in and have a look. Look pretty stright from the photo though.

Any "real world" mpg figure on the Omega?

Auto or Manual?
To all Omega 2.5 TD owners - Gazza
BTW, what should I look out for on this BM Diesel?

I know it is indirect injection with a mechanical pump with electronic control. I am hoping there will be less things to go wrong than those VW TDI or all those common-rail diesel.
To all Omega 2.5 TD owners - Fullchat
Got rid of a 2.5TD CD Auto Est about 12 months ago. Ran it from 58 to 80K , bought it to tow a caravan. Check out the power specs on the engine its not the puller you would believe. The auto felt gutless and non too economical 22mpg round town 30ish on a run. The thing groaned and creeked round the doors due I believe to having a sunroof along with the AC. I think this weakened the shell. Always seeemed to be shelling out for something.
Having said that it was nice to drive. Sold it straight away and there was plenty of interest.
I believe a better option would have been the manual with more control through the box. As I say check out the specs they are not as big, heavy and poweful as you think!
To all Omega 2.5 TD owners - Gazza
Well, I am looking for something more economical than the 27mpg I get from my 3.0 QX without losing much speed and refinement.

I get around 22mpg in town and 30mpg at 80mph cruise.

Value my car