Omega radio and computer display - chrisarkell
I have purchased an omega radio cassette and tried to get work without any joy. I have power and the code but the computer display is not responding. I can see a few numbers, all ones and they move if i use the column arm. I'm assured the radio works. Does the computer display have to work for the radio to spring into life? Omega 2.0i 16v CD 1994. Help appreciated. Chris
Omega radio and computer display - Dynamic Dave
One of two things.
Either the display has had it - which is a common thing to go wrong with the Omega's.
I believe you have to "marry" the stereo to the display. When I say *you*, I actually mean a dealer.
Omega radio and computer display - zedzedeleven
i had a kenwood mask front cd player fitted to my omega . the annunciator panel will not repeat the info off the kenwood , it needed a seventy quid part to make it work in conjunction with the panel so i didn`t bother.

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