Peugeot Partner Combi - heater problem - adam22hood

Hi all,

I have just brought a partner quicksilver 2.0d 54plate. now the heater speed control works ok( i can hear the fan getting faster) the air that is coming out gets warm(so im assuming the heater matrix is ok) but the amount of air coming out of the vents is very minimal(not enough to blow the hairs on my hand) The dealer said that he thought it was week but normal for the car!

What different things could be the cause of the problem? and is there anything to try first?

Thanks in advance!


Peugeot Partner Combi - heater problem - elekie&a/c doctor

Possible fault with the fan motor,the motor may be spinning but the impellor may not be.Or more likely a blocked cabin/pollen filter.

Peugeot Partner Combi - heater problem - adam22hood

thanks for your help & advice.

i decided to take it apart and have a look tonight. only found that someone has put the wires back onto the motor the wrong way round!

So glad it was an easy fix i started to think i'd have to have the dash out!


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