Got pulled. - Daedalus
Not posted for a while but events on Thursday seem to make one worthwhile.

Had a meeting in London on Thursday night but because the bike needed a service I was going on the train. Train was booked for 14:40 and I had to work later than intended, so left Manchester at 12:15 to ride back to Huddersfield. Bike had to go to Earnshaws for the service and I then had to go home to get changed pack a case etc before getting a taxi for the train.

Get onto the M62 and open the bike up a bit, traffic not to bad and nice bright dry day. Just past Junction 21 the 4 lane section was coned to three with the RH lane out of use. Checked mirror to see a dark green Volvo coming up fast, I am doing about 100 on the clock. I had seen the car further back and alarm bells start to ring. Check mirror again and the blue lights come on, check over left shoulder, clear, signal left, pullover three lanes to hard shoulder and park bike as far to the left as I can. Off with gloves, take glasses off, undo lid, pull off balaclava out with ear plugs and head towards car which now has two police men putting on the dayglo jackets they were not wearing when I passed them. Into the back of the car the usual checks etc show me the speed on the screen 103.26 MPH over 0.67 miles in 21.51 seconds. Bang to rights, I know it and they know I know it. Only the driver speaks to me while the other one does the honors on the radio to confirm what I have said is true. (Hadn't realised that they can also check your insurance is valid as well as your bike). Driver says "because you were doing over 100 I have no choice other than prosecution". Im thinking "thats 2 weeks ban at least". He then went onto say that while following he found nothing in my riding that was dangerous, position was correct, not riding like a nutter, obviously very experienced but due to it being over 100 he couldn't caution me. I made a comment about it not doing my advanced riding course look very good and he says "I'm a member of the IAM and the standard is not anything like as high as the standard we use as police" I said I was doing the ROSPA course because it was graded. He then says "when you take off and join the motorway again get upto speed on the hard shoulder before you pull on the motorway, you wouldnt't belive the number of people who try to join it at 40MPH" I make the comment that I would have got upto speed anyway. I take the NIP, other policeman lets me out of the back. I ask him what the current penalty is, he says "depends on the court on the day really". I say well its the first offence in about 20 years go back to the bike and start to kit up again.

Ear plugs in, balaclva back on, helmet on glasses on and then I can hear a car horn, think nothing of it and it goes again, look up and see them beckoning me back to the car. "Get in the back but don't bother closing the door this time". "Look at the screen, this is the video of you" I have left my glasses on the bike so can't see very well but the screen is just a load of black lines. "The video for some reason has not recorded you. I don't feel under these circumstances that I can go to court and uphold my prosecuting you so I am not going to prosecute you but am warning you". "Ride carefully, don't let me catch you again"

I get the bike to Earnshaws, they give me a lift home I get the train on time. There is a god afterall. My thanks to the officers as well!!

I do ride fast, I don't take chances, I am doing something positive to improve my riding and maybe it shows in someway! I don't know why the video "didn't work", maybe if I had been a nutter it would of. If I had been beligerent maybe it would of.
All I can say its a good learning experience and it shows the value of having trained police officers in cars rather than fixed cameras. The cameras can't differentiate between fast and safe and fast and stupid.

All the best folks and may you be as fortunate.

Got pulled. - dave18
I have always had respect for the traffic police themselves. Having once been pulled at 97-point-something in the Polo they told me off for driving 'at that speed in an old car' but allowed me to leave without punishment because conditions/my position etc were fine. Mum has been pulled several times for silly things, and has been let off, the officers seeing the funny side. One example that does spring to mind is a few years back, she got stuck on the motorway after her B reg Fiesta suffered a broken exhaust. The police took her from an SOS box, back down the motorway and then back in the diection she had been travelling. Made a temporary repair to the exhaust for her and then gave their details should she get pulled over for driving an unroadworthy car. I'd imagine this was beyond the call of duty.
Got pulled. - Dynamic Dave
I think personally that the traffic police like hearing the excuses people make to as why they're speeding and also watching them squirm while the policeman debates on what course of action to take.
Got pulled. - dave18
In my experience (oh dear should I post this) they like honesty and politeness.
Got pulled. - Dwight Van Driver

You were lucky.

Because the video was off they could have still prosecuted you for speeding. Evidence from them that they saw you travelling at fast speed corroborated by the speedometer of the patrol vehicle.

Sounds as if you didn't get uppity which has paid dividends but don't make a habit of it.

Got pulled. - Daedalus

I have never ever got "uppity" when pulled (not been pulled for 20 years) but was on a regular basis before that. I didnt have the chance to say "good afternoon officer how can I help you" which is what I would have done all those years ago. It was get in the back and lets do the business. But your quite right politness and contrition go a long way I think.

Got pulled. - Tomo.
Had to do the grovel, grovel myself some years ago; it's really hard appearing respectful to the anti-motoring police who I do not respect!


Got pulled. - DeeJay
In a previous life , I often worked ( in a civilian capacity ) with Traffic cops , often the motorcyclists , and they all said the first thing they did on "pulling" someone was to apply the Attitude Test before deciding what action to take . Being polite and contrite may often pay dividends , but don't push your luck ! DeeJay .
Got pulled. - THe Growler
If you've done the crime and you know it you have to be ready to do the time. The apprehending officer has total power at that moment (where I am he also has a gun!) So it would be egomania gone mad if you came over aggressive at that point, and who would blame the cops for reacting in kind.

Polite and contrite is all there is left, so make like it.
Got pulled. - malteser
The " Green Police" (Guardia Civil) handle traffic here. They not only have guns, but they always hunt in pairs!
They are the inheritors of Franco's enforcers and are still feared by all in Spain!
Got pulled. - J Bonington Jagworth
"cameras can't differentiate between fast and safe and fast and stupid"

Absolutely, and another difference is probably the way you now behave. IMHO, one is much more likely to respond positively to a narrow escape like that, than to an NIP in the post.

If it has to be mechanised, I think that the roadside displays that tell you how fast you are going are far more effective than a sneaky snapshot, but of course they don't generate any revenue...
Got pulled. - doug_523i
I got pulled on the R1 at the New Year, 102 over a quarter of a mile, but he gave me a fixed penalty ticket, £60 and 3 points, so they must have some discretion. Maybe I passed the attitude test, but I got the impression he was surprised I'd stopped for him. He did make it clear he was doing me a favour though, so like Bill I must have been judged to be too fast rather than dangerous.
Got pulled. - malteser
Many years ago - before recorded time- I was working at the then Austin distrubutors for London and two of my colleagues had bog standard 1071S Coopers
One was pulled by a motorised plod "Making excessive noise"
"But Officer this is an unmodified car anly three months old with a factory standard exhaust system"
That's as maybe, Sir but could you have made less noise if you had accelerated less quickly?"
"Well - Yes I suppose so"
"Right then - you're nicked!"
MORAL If the plod want to nick you they will!
Got pulled. - PhilW
Dead right Malteser. In about 1970 (!) when (i think) vans were limited to 40 mph I was driving from Yarmouth towards London at 2 am in an old diesel van when on a long gentle downhill stretch I spied headlights in the mirror. Since I had built up speed to 45 (wow - really shifting now!) on the hill and the lights weren't gaining I thought it must be some other poor s** limited to 40. It was the first vehicle I'd seen for hours. I then approached an uphill section and my speed dropped too about 25 - 30 and this vehicle passed - lucky s**, thought I - he's more lightly loaded. No it was Mr Plod who pulled me over. We had a nice chat for a while, had a fag, chatted about what I was doing there at that time (summer job - student, publicity at seaside resorts for Daily Mirror, had to get to Eastbourne by 6am etc. Nice weather it's been etc) and after about 20 mins when I thought he would send me on my way he said he had to book me! Think he must have been bored or quota to fill or something. £4 fine if I remember and an endorsement! Thanks mate!
Got pulled. - NWS
My former boss told me about when he was a student in the 70s. Went on a march in Manchester and afterwards Plod pulled him over for no apparent reason. Went all over his car and found nothing and eventually asked him where his tax disc was. "There" he says pointing to the up to date disc in the window. "I can't see it" says Plod taking it out and putting it in his pocket...
My former radical boss, sold the business a couple of years ago for £6m. I wonder how he feel about law and order these days?
Got pulled. - Dwight Van Driver
Malteser - Hearsay.

PhilW - admitted ten per cent in excess of the legal limit.

NWS - Hearsday - No point.
Local Authority would have a record that vehicle was taxed
and using without not a Police offence.

Sorry guys.

Got pulled. - Tomo.
It is not hearsay that some years ago a motor cyclist was done in Renfrew, or it might have been Paisley, for not having an effective silencer AND for not having suitable means for giving audible warning of approach(!) - I read it in a Glasgow evening paper. The story was reported with a straight face, but clearly somebody was tickled as they did not usually bother with such trivia.

The Glasgow police at that time were quite decent, but others were - well, not. Now they are all amalgamated into one big lot, and all the same.

Got pulled. - Dwight Van Driver
That the same paper that has just reported Bin Laden has been caught.
Apparently nabbed whilst trying to tax his moped....

Got pulled. - Ian (Cape Town)
Slightly off-topic.
A friend inheritted a Vincent motorbike [black shadow?], and spent a lot of time and money getting it back to concourse condition.
He sold it a few months later - because everywhere he went, he was pulled over by M/cycle police - not for anything wrong, just so they could look at his bike, and talk biking!
Got pulled. - THe Growler
Would that someone would leave a Black Shadow! (A Vincent one I mean).

I have a parallel. In 1997 I bought a brand new Harley Road King (also black) from my friendly dealer in Chattanooga and decided to have 3 or 4 days' riding on the beautiful back roads in that part of the world (it was springtime) and break it in at the same time. Three times I was stopped: this was the first year HD's had EFI and all the cops wanted to do was look at the latest version! Their old Harleys they said were pretty beat up and rattly. One even asked if he could try it out, well you don't argue with a Tennessee Highway Patrolman with a Smokey Bear Hat, reflective Raybans and a gun on his hip.

DVD what can you say? The officers were entirely friendly and on the last occasion we I ended up having coffee and (what else?!) donuts on them at a nearby Dunkin' Donuts.
Got pulled. - Alfafan {P}
This definitely happened to me in Hereford in 1962 on a Lambretta. £4 fine plus snippet in local rag headlined "Accountants Offences"
Got pulled. - Obsolete
There was a letter in the Independent recently from someone who got stopped for his speed. When he pointed out that he was keeping within the speed limit, the police said something like "That's right Sir. Very suspicious and unusual behaviour. That's why we stopped you." It's worth being stopped in these circumstances just to be able to tell the story.
Got pulled. - Clanger
Well done Bill. A useful bit of PR for the oft misunderstood police.

Update to got pulled. - Daedalus
Well pride goes before a fall as they say!
Had to produce licence and MOT to local police within 7 days of when they pulled me for speeding and then let me off. I can't find my licence (not been needed it for 20 years), so have got the paperwork to take to the station to prove I'm on with getting a new one to find my MOT was SIX days overdue on the day of the offence. I thought it was the end of March, instead its the begining!!!! Dooooooohhhhhhhh!!*****.
Anyone have any Idea of the penalty for this?

Update to got pulled. - dave18
My mum, bless her, is very disorganised in addition to being a less-than-totally-law-abiding driver. She got herself in a right pickle last year when a speeding ticket turned into a nightmare of expired MOT, lost licence, etc. She got the MOT done, showed that the licence was on its way and they let her off. I think the MOT costs 3-6 points though if they decide to get nasty.
Update to got pulled. - Daedalus
Well its a couple of weeks now and I have not heard anything about either the lack of a licence or the lack of a valid MOT. Is this still the same as for speeding where they have 14 days? Or do I still need to worry about the brown envelope on the door mat in the morning?

Have to say it has slowed me down a bit, everytime the speedo goes over 90 it sort of slowly reduces again of its own accord, most strange!

Update to got pulled. - Mark (RLBS)
getting it MOT'd immediately would be a good start.
Update to got pulled. - J Bonington Jagworth
Just hope the police at the station are related to the ones who pulled you in! :-)
Update to got pulled. - sombrueil
This happened to hubby a couple of years ago, got stopped for not wearing a seat belt silly man and he had to shhow his documents, then realised it was overdue, so he took everything down to police station in Ormskirk, and then they really checked that his insurance was up to date with the insurance company and then let him off with a caution, he is a lucky man, if he fell into the canal he would still smell of roses.
Update to got pulled. - dave18
The Ormskirk police, bar the evil (ahem) one who pulled me for doing all of 46 (in a 40) on County Road at 1145pm, are reasonable. Far more so than the North Wales police anyway!
Update to got pulled. - Fullchat
No MOT is non endorsable. As Mark says get it done pronto. Can you get it done before the 7 days are up and take old and new in? Its not guarenteed but present yourself at the station you elected and get some grace until you get it done. However some forces do not give extensions. If you can do this I shouldnt worry too much.
Update to got pulled. - TrevorP
Pal of mine got real stroppy with having his new car hit by another.

Went to local cop shop to "get help to prove it was totally the other guy's fault".

"Yes Sir, documents please, Sir."

Driving licence had expired 10 years before (he had moved house 3 times and did not get reminders).

Had to take "L" test - and of course failed.
Update to got pulled. - Dwight Van Driver

Don't worry too muchover this.

Visit before the 7 days and explain. re the Licence was our practice under such circumstances to extend the 7 days (unofficial) or senf a Form DQ1 to DVLA for your recorded Licence details.

Re the test Certificate. Have it tested immediately so that within the 7 days you can produce the old and new. used to be only a hanging offence if test certificate was over a month out.
Providing of course there was a current one taken.

Update to got pulled. - Daedalus
Thanks for all your comments re the lack of licence and MOT.
I went in to the police station yesterday night and admitted that it was all out of date so thats done and gone. The bikes in for its MOT on Saturday so it will be 10 days. I have all the paperwork now for the new licence and that goes in tomorrow. The worst thing or maybe the best thing is that for the other 2 cars and the other bike I have all the old MOTs, tax discs etc going back as far as we have owned them and they all correspond. Very anal really but I tend to work on if the paper work is in order it will help when we sell the car. Trouble is over 50% of the cars we have had go to the scrap man because they get just to old. I still have the old service book for the 1961 Ford Anglia I had in about 1982 when I got done for speeding the first and only time. Now that is sad!!!!

Update to got pulled. - cockle {P}
Bill, hope it turns out OK in the end for you, I think it's pretty much a case of, 'but for the grace of god.....'

However, having very nearly got myself into a similar fix some years ago, got 'the wonder' the day before MOT was due but wouldn't have remembered it if I hadn't been pulled, I have made a point ever since of making a note in my diary for both MOT and insurance. Have treated it just like SWMBO's birthday and our wedding anniversary, a date that must never, ever be missed!!
Now, I find that it is easier to put a reminder on Outlook, just before it falls due up pops a little note to nudge the old grey matter.

Update to got pulled. - BrianW
Took Daughter Dear's car in for MOT yesterday and it came out with a sticky label saying "MOT due 14/3/04" which can go on the back of the licence holder, or wherever.

Full marks for a simple but effective idea.
Update to got pulled. - Tim Allcott
One of our locals puts your details on computer and drops you a line to remind you: I'm suprised more don't.
Got pulled. - Matt

My father got pulled over whilst driving our family to the airport at 6:30 in the morning on the M3. 102.6mph was the readout and he got away with a simple caution. All he saidn to us when he got back in was "Whenever dealing with the Traffic Police be polite and look them in the eyes - don't be rude or try and wriggle out of the situation." It's worked for me a couple of times since -ultimately it's totally up to the two HUMAN BEINGS who have pulled you over.

Got pulled. - doug_523i
When I got pulled I had to take my documents in, and to my horror found I didn't have an mot. The bike was registered close to the end of the month, so the tax ran out at the end of the previous month, so I didn't need an mot to tax it. Time marches on, and the bike was 3 years and 2 months old when I got pulled, but being a V registration, I noticed he hadn't asked for the mot to be shown, phew. I got it done at the first opportunity. That's the problem with a sunny Sunday bike, you tend to lose track of time with it.
Got pulled. - Steve S
I get the service & MOT done at the same time - it's the only way me old head can cope.
Got pulled. - BrianW
SHMBO uses my spare scooter to get to and from work.
I bought it just before its third birthday and renewed the tax.
By the time I thought about the MOT we'd been riding it with no MOT for months and months.

Value my car