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Hello guys, I am new and first timer on this forum and hope someone would lead me in the right direction. I have Honda Accord DTECH 2008 model diesel with 93k on the clock. Yesterday I took the car to a registered garage (Not Honda garage) for full service, All the service parts used including engine oil is from Honda dealer. The only item could not be replaced is fuel filter as the mechanic could not open the fuel filter housing cap so he removed the housing from the car and try opening it, he did not want to apply extra force in case it break the housing which would cost £300 for the unit so the housing was put back without changing the fuel filter. Anyway after the service while i was on my way home I noticed that only the VSA Triangular sign is ON all the time and VSA switch would not respond at all even after keeping it pressed for longer time (more than 10 sec) and would appear every time after starting the car.
What I would want to know is it do anything with the service or is there VSA sensor close to replaced parts in case the mechanic may have damaged it. Please help me out with any information and advice you can give. Thanks

Honda Accord DTECH 2.2 - VSA Triangular sign ON - elekie&a/c doctor

Very much doubt it is anything related to the service,but take a look here;

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Firstly-So what are you going to do about replacing the fuel filter?

It's not optional-it's a vital part of the service.

I have managed to replace my diesel filter on my Civic twice - the same filter body and element with a different bracket and housing.

Not an easy job, difficult access, but once you get the filter assembly diconnected and out of the car it's easy with the right strap wrench to put the unit in a vice and get hold of the filter body and unscew it from the filter head.

Find another mechanic is my advice.

Honda Accord DTECH 2.2 - VSA Triangular sign ON - aleem321

Focused,,, Thanks for the advice, what you have mentioned taking the unit out of car is EXACTLY what the mechanic did. Tools to open were of right size and fitting and even by holding in vice he could not open it. Another mechanic also tried to open and was unsuccessful so they had to leave it as it is in case they break the housing.

One thing I forgot to mention is when mechanic connected the Diagnostic Tester (Snap-On) it comes up "Unable to communicate" and this appears everytime. Yesterday I took the car to a mechanic who I know for some time and he also tried with his Diagnostic Tester (BOSCH & Snap-On) and both refused to communicate with ECU. It sounds a big problem and dont know how to deal with it. Thinking of taking car to Honda Garage for a basic Diagnostic test and lets see what they come up with. The car runs fine and as it should and no signs on display except the one I have already menyionedIn the mean time any advices are appreciated.

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