Omega saloon interior trim - smokie
I need to wire in a GPS receiver. The device manufacturer recomends placing it in the rear window. The GPS device itself is in the dashboard area.

What's the easiest route to take the cable? I can't see any easily removable trim.

Thanks guys
Omega saloon interior trim - T Lucas
Between the headlining and the roof,headlining is easy enough to pull down to give access and the A post cover is easy to remove to run the wires down it.
Omega saloon interior trim - smokie
Just been out looking at it (it's getting dark now!), is it on snap connectors? Would it be as easy to go along the transmission hump?

I also have to run a cable from the front of the engine compartment into the back of the dash, I guess I can just choose the easiest access hole through the bulkhead (or is there an easier way for that too?)

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