You could not make it up! - Dave E
Manchester 28/2/2003

Another story of everyday life as printed on the front page of the Manchester Evening News.

A Bluebird Bus pulls up at a designated bus stop on Lever Street in the city centre. As passengers queue to pay, an enthusiastic employee of Control Plus - local parking enforcement company - joins the line. Said employee starts scribbling furiously and by the time it is "his turn to pay" hands bus driver a ticket for - and I am not kidding - parking in a restricted area. Driver of bus says restricted to who? Warden says "Buses"!!

You could not make it up! - GRowlette
Try this: Mayor Jojo Binay of Makati City (the central city of Metro Manila) has announce that from tomorrow all traffic rules and regulations will be suspended every Sunday so that families can enjoy more their day off without hassle. Traffic enforcers have been instructed only to apprehend any motorist ignoring one-way street signs.

Could be just what you always wanted!

This in today's paper.
You could not make it up! - J Bonington Jagworth
"..all traffic rules and regulations will be suspended.."

Do you think that will make any noticeable difference in Manila? :-)

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