Diesel Beamer Judder - elebe
My 2001 525 diesel engine judders like it's misfiring or running on 5 cylinders. This happens when you stop it and start it again after sitting for 10/15 mins with the engine hot. It goes after 5 to 10 minutes at idle or if you hold the revs at 1500/2000 for a few minutes. Occassionally it hapens in third when you accelerate through 1500/2000 rpm and it feels like you loose power.
I think it is fuel related, could it be air in the common rail or foaming or the injectors or loss of pressure in the rail?
I also wonder if the air sensors are playing up.

Surprise surprise my BMW garage cannot find the fault!
Any ideas?
Diesel Beamer Judder - Ben79
Contact another garage and see if they have had the problem before, contact BMW UK.

If that fails, buy a Citroen C5, nearly as big, more comfy and super diesels!



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