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Peugeot 306-dealer reduction? - RussLB

I have test driven a 306 XSi at my local Peugeot dealer which I want! It's on the forecourt for 10295. It's a June99 T-reg, 11K miles in blue pearlescent with a CD changer & A/C. The lowest the dealer will go is 9995 with a free service and says I have to get my own tax!

Any comments from anyone? I would think that the dealer could come down at least 500 and include the tax as well.

Any suggestions would be helpful!


Re: Peugeot 306-dealer reduction? - David Woollard

This sems about right for a nice spec/colour 306. They are always in demand.

If you are determined to buy this one let the dealer know you are very serious and wear him down the extra few hundred. It may take a few cups of machine coffee though!


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