Mondeo Noises - Keith S
I have posted about this before, but the problem persists. Thanks to all who gave suggestions previously.

Anyway, I own a 1999 Mondeo 1.8 LX. It makes a rasping, air resonating, almost pinking noise at and around 2000 rpm at part or full throttle. This is accompanied by a big flat spot in the power. After 2000 rpm (and before) the power is strong and the noise is absent.

It has done this since 26,000 miles when I bought it (now done 72,000.)

I have replaced plugs and leads, cleaned the MAF sensor, checked all electrical connections and breather hoses.

The car has full Ford history and all service parts have been changed, as they should.

I had the car plugged into the Ford computer, which showed no fault codes and no available updates on the ECU software.

I have done a thorough search on the net, including this site and have found many mentions of this problem, but no solutions.

The car is a later model with no EGR or pulse air systems. It has no air intake temp sensor, and I can't find an octane adjustment plug, as suggested on a previous post on this site.

It can't be the timing or fuelling (I hope) as the cars engine management constantly adjusts these things on its own.

I am starting to think that perhaps it should make this noise as part of the ECU program, to somehow control economy or emissions. My only other idea is that it could be the fuel injectors or fuel pressure.

Any ideas would be very much appreciated.

Anyone else had this problem?
Mondeo Noises - kithmo
I'e had the same sort of noise you describe, but not the power loss, on my 95 Mondeo 1.8 Lx, since 1997 (35,000 miles) and it is still doing it now (68,400 miles). I checked everything, pretty much the same as you and found nothing. I asked a mechanic last year what he thought it was and he said it was coming from the power steering pump bearing. I have no problems with the power steering so I decided to leave as is. I think it would have driven me insane though if I had the power loss as well.
Mondeo Noises - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Has the cambelt been changed in your ownership? Since this problem was last posted I had an 1800 Mundano albeit on an L plate with noisy,rough running and lack of performance turned out to have had a belt fitted 'by a mate' and the belt was one tooth out anticlock on inlet, one tooth out clock on exhaust and slack into the bargain.

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Mondeo Noises - Keith S
Thanks for the replies.

The cambelt hasn't been changed yet to my knowledge. I am going to have it done soon as 80,000 is coming up and i'm getting nervous about the pulleys shattering.

It can't really be the power steering I dont think. Definitely sounds like it is in the engine bay right in front of me.

I would have thought that if the cam timing was out the power would be poor throughout the rev range?

This noise seems to come from the inlet side of the engine. Some sort of breathing noise?

Mondeo Noises - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
OK. Possibilites could be the engine management system opening the EGR valve incorrectly which in turn could be caused by a split pipe on the exhaust pressure sensing device (on the end of some pretty chromed pipes at the coil end of the engine). The EGR can be checked out by removing the vacuum pipe to the EGR valve but carefully check all the vacuum hoses around the back of the engine for security and leaks. Any problems in this area should really show up as a DTC.

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Mondeo Noises - Keith S
Andrew, thanks for the reply. My car doesn't have an EGR system though. Apparently Ford stopped installing them in 1999.

Whats a DTC?


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