LLoydsTSB - MotorDirect (now CarSelect) - Hairy Hat Man
I'm considering buying a new car from LLoydsTSB - MotorDirect (recently renamed to CarSelect).

Anyone have any experience of buying from them?

LLoydsTSB - MotorDirect (now CarSelect) - Crombster
You shouldn't have any problems what so ever. I have a few colleagues who have used them (Staff get a slightly better price :) )

Are you buying new or used?

LLoydsTSB - MotorDirect (now CarSelect) - Hairy Hat Man
I'm looking to buy new and am just a little cautious about buying over the web. They tell me that they don't have any 'information packs' at the moment due to a mix up at the printers over their name change. This kind of line makes me a little suspicious. But, if they are as good as you seem to imply, then great. Thanks for your reply.

They tell me that the vehicle will be just as if it were bought from a main dealer in all respects including no mention of them (as a leasing company) on the reg doc. Can you confirm this?
LLoydsTSB - MotorDirect (now CarSelect) - volvod5_dude
There are ok if you haven't got a car to trade in I reckon. I could have saved £3k off the price of my new Volvo last year, however they only offered me £12k for my v70 2.4T, I got £18.5k from the Volvo dealer!



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