Delay on V5s - No Do$h
Well I have finally got to the bottom of the delay in my V5 being issued. For those who don't know, I picked up my Irish-import Alfa in December.

After several weeks of calls to the DVLA I have now been told that there was a hold on issuing the V5 as the dealer paid too much for the tax disc.

That's right, paid TOO MUCH for the VEL. So because Swansea got too much money, they sat on my V5 application for nearly 2 months but didn't think to contact me or give me a straight answer when I contacted them. Dontcha just love it?

So for all those who said there was no backlog on V5s, you were right. Sorry!

I'm not paranoid, they really are out to get me!
Delay on V5s - Tom Shaw
Just had an instance where a pupil applied for a driving test and made the cheque out for a pound too much. Did they book him a test and send him the change? Did they hell, they sat on it for a fortnight and sent the whole application back with a covering letter!

I suppose they've got to spend our money on something.
Delay on V5s - No Do$h
The fact that issuing the letter to the applicant cost them well in excess of £1.00 will have escaped them. What is it about public-sector work that removes all thought of efficiency and replaces it with slavish adherence to process?
Delay on V5s - DavidHM
Possibly they're not allowed to be efficient and get disciplined for departing from the process in any way? That would make it more of a management issue.
Delay on V5s - No Do$h
You'll note I said Public Sector Work, not Workers. It's endemic across the "business" (for want of a better phrase)structure.

What amazes me is that you frequently see vacancies for posts that are identical to private-sector roles, yet they often state that preference will be given to applicants with a public-sector background.

It's a self-perpetuating system, discouraging fresh ideas from people who have had to show efficiency or see their employer go to the wall in favour of those who have no concept of accountability.

DVLA seems to be full of these people, not one iota of understanding of customer service. Tom's experience of those that manage test bookings seems somewhat similar.

Keeping a tenuous hold on motoring, the departments responsible for highway maintenance seem to have the same mindset. I shudder to think what this country will be like 10 years from now.


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