peugeot 106 quicksilver - caz
hi guys its me again,

just learned i might be getting some help with finance for the car i wanna buy, (previously i was looking at 91 renalt clio 1.4 rt for driving backwards and forwards from bournemouth to hertfordshire).
so now with that in mind i want to look out for peugeot 106 quicksilvers if poss, with the gti body kits on them but with a small and cheap to insure engine.
where are the best sites to look out for these if you know any?
and whats a good price for one thats a about 5 years old.
I now have £3,000 to spend.
cheers, caz.
peugeot 106 quicksilver - madf

and ebay

peugeot 106 quicksilver - DavidHM
Not for £3k sorry.

At that budget, you're probably going to be looking at something like a Fiesa Zetec on a 98R, at best. No body kit but it does come with alloys, a decently fast engine, power steering and an airbag.

A new shape Clio is going to be out of your range, except for the slow 'n boring 1.2 with a high-ish mileage. So's a 206. 106 Quiksilvers are pretty desirable, actually. I couldn't find anything under £4k. I did manage to find a '99 Saxo West Coast (which is basically the same car)

Also, where's the £3k coming from? If it's cash, no problem, stick with the budget. But, if your parents are borrowing money to fund the car, try for a Car Purchase Plan from Alliance and Leicester, which will get you £5,000 and hopefully a newer, more reliable car for £110 a month over three years, with £2,000 still owing at the end.

At least you know you're not getting a Nova now.
peugeot 106 quicksilver - caz
i thought that would be the case, but i thought id try.

i agree with the point about the nova!

the money is cash coming from my grandma to help me out. theres loads of cars out there i just have to pick one in that price range that suits me best.
Still, i would have loved to have a car with a nice bit of bodykit on it.
peugeot 106 quicksilver - Andrew-T
Caz - don't get too hung up on the bodykit bit. Students' cars are safest if they keep a low profile, unless you have a nice secure hideaway to keep it in.
peugeot 106 quicksilver - NWS
Alloys on a Zetec? Mine hasn't got 'em - 1.25lx - belting car though - I'm selling, anyone want it? T reg 32,000 5 dr, blue metallic one prev. owner. Sorry Mark if this is breaking rules of Back Room...
peugeot 106 quicksilver - Blue {P}
As you say NWS your car isn't a Fiesta Zetec, it's a Fiesta LX with a Zetec engine under the bonnet. Confusing ain't it? :)

The Fiesta Zetec was actually a model, just like the Fiesta Quartz, or Fiesta Sapphire, and it did come with alloys.

Caz, I drive a 1.25 Fiesta and it is a great little car, really quick for it's small engine, and is much more comfortable than a 106, especially if you're gonna do any distance in it. I do mainly city and twisty windy road driving in mine and it's fantastic handling. If you can find a reasonable looking one, it's well worth considering, plus it's cheap to fix if something does go wrong and OK to insure. :)

But whatever you do, don't look at a 1.3 Fiesta, it's nothing like the 1.25 Zetec...

peugeot 106 quicksilver - NWS
Confusing isn't the word - I'm looking at sorts of used options at pres, amongst them Mercs, and the way they name the model variants is just bizarre and illogical.

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