Auction pricing - Focus today - smokie
I'm in the market for a good 2nd hand Focus (not 1.4). Saw one in Blackbushe today, V reg, 35k, 5 dr, 1.6LX, amparo blue. It had a bad dig out of bonnet, front colour coded bumper badly scratched (paint off completely at one corner - looked recent) and some other minor bodywork scratches (really minor) but otherwise looked OK, started fine etc (albeit in desparate need of 2 new rear tyres!)

I was outbid at £5250, when the BCA guide suggested £4800 @ 55k miles. I think the BCA guide is based on recent samples but doesn't include mileage adjustment. Was I misleading myself about the true value? Or is the 2nd hand auction market really hot right now?
Auction pricing - Focus today - astronut
Can anyone advise on the max figure I should be looking to pay for a Focus 2.0 Zetec in good condition (99V with 40K) at auction ? Parker's guide seem to suggest around £5100.



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