Xantia - dodgy brakes(?) - Xantiargh!
Can't stop fiddling with this car (1995 1.9 td lx)...

The brakes are driving me insane, I can't decide if they're playing up or not. When braking firmly (from say 30+mph) the brakes cut in and out, kinda brake hard, roll, brake hard, roll... which is really unnerving. Gentler braking does not exhibit this but it takes forever in terms of distance to stop in both cases.

Being an lx model I don't think it has ABS, but even if it did I'd expect ABS to cut in and out more rapidly than this (around a second for braking then one second for rolling, repeat until stop or hit something).

At first I thought warped discs, but I'd expect to feel the effect under all braking conditions.

Is it air in the brakes, should I bleed them?

Is it me, should I change my driving habits to suit the car?

Any ideas?
Xantia - dodgy brakes(?) - Leach
Mayb get the main accumulator sphere checked and bleed the brakes allround
Xantia - dodgy brakes(?) - M.M
As Leach says it is worth bleeding them because air can do this....but...

To a greater or lesser extent they often suffer this. I'm soon to try a mod on the linkage that is said to cure the pulsing effect...we'll see if it does.

Anyway you'll get used to it after a few months!

Xantia - dodgy brakes(?) - Mondaywoe
Hi Mike

Try having a look here autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/Xantia-L/

These guys will sort you out! I had a 1993 Xantia.The brake pedal did sometimes 'pulse' below your foot, but I got used to it. This sounds like something a little more drastic, though.

Brilliant car the Xantia! I bought it new in 1993 and kept it for 9 years / 105,000 miles. Very few problems. Just give the suspension control rods and valves a good clean and oil now and then and you won't have many probs.


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