4-door central locking - L'escargot
Using the key instead of the remote, the central locking on one of the rear doors of my Focus sometimes only operates several seconds after I have opened the drivers door. On occasions I even have time to get in and start the engine before the lazy lock operates. Is there any easy way to cure this problem ? And if I do nothing about it, am I inviting further problems ?

4-door central locking - kithmo
You must have long arms to get in the back door and start the car !. Seriously though, it sounds like the solenoid on that door is faulty. If it's still under warranty it should be covered, if not then I would remove the door trim and check that there is no resistance in the linkages and try lubricating them. I wouldn't think that it could cause any further problems, except to stop working altogether on that door, as each solenoid is a seperate item. Although if it overloads the system it may blow a fuse.
4-door central locking - L'escargot
Thanks for the info, Kith. By word of explanation, using the key in the driver's door should open all four doors simultaneously. Using the remote allows a choice of opening the driver's door only, or all four doors simultaneously. (As for having long arms, don't forget that us snails can extend a "feeler" at will !!)


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