Sticking electric windows - mal
Son just called to land the latest problem with his car on my lap.

The drivers window which has been taking longer to close lately would not fully close leaving a gap big enough to allow a thiefs arm in.
As it was the drivers window I was not very confident of fixing it as the car is 14 years old and must have been operated 1000's of times.
I thought of using a light oil on the guides but considered this might be a bit messy, then I found a can of spray silicon oil which is not like oil as it seems to evaporate. So out we went and sprayed it down the guides. The result was amazing and now all windows are working perfectly especialy the drivers which is now much faster.
It is called "slide easy" bought from a Lidl store last year.
P.S. they only have products on sale on a weekly basis so don't know when they will have it again, could be a similar product elsewhere.
Sticking electric windows - martint123
If you don't have a local Lidl then Halfords have some silicon spray (yellow can) that I know works wonders with sticking MX5 electric windows.

Sticking electric windows - JonM
I have a similar sticking window on the Omega that I've just picked up. The difference is that the window seals are a black felt-like material. Anyone got any suggestions? Putting grease on this would make a right old mess so I'm not too keen.

Of course it might be that the safety sensor that detects any resistance is kaput (it gets 3/4 shut reasonably swiftly with the one touch operation but then opens itself again).

Cheers - Jon.
Sticking electric windows - kithmo
Best bet is to clean all the gunge out of the channels first with a toothbrush and soapy water, then put your silicon spray on. I speak from experience with this when my old mondeo passengers front window was sticking in the front channel. I just sprayed silicon spray on initally but it didn't last long (2 weeks) before it was sticking again. So I cleaned the channels, as above, then sprayed with silicon spray. That was 2 years ago and it hasn't stuck since.


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