Corsa Comfort Internal Light - dandare2020
Hi all
i'm having massive problems with my corsa comfort 1.0 12v the problem is that the internal reading lights don't come on when i open the doors as like in most other cars. Nierther does the boot light come on. I belive that i have one in the boot as it is mention in the spec i have no owners manual which i plan to get on at the garage about plase plese help me

Many Thanks
Corsa Comfort Internal Light - Dynamic Dave
Does the interior light come on when you pull the headlight switch out? [1] If not, then I would suspect the bulb has gone. However, if the hazzard lights don't work either, then I would check the fuses.

[1] This is how you turn on the interior light without opening the doors.
Corsa Comfort Internal Light - DavidHM
Sorry if this sounds patronising, but if you don't have an owners' manual, get one.

This is the best place to solve any problems, because it's full of FAQs. If, one you've got that, you still can't solve your difficulties, come back to us.

We're happy to help, but a few simple steps (like reading the manual) will help us to determine whether or not it's a question of pushing the switches the correct way - which only a few people will know - or a problem with the electrics, which could be universally applicable from most cars.

Given the age of the car, my money is on the light being wrongly set up, but if you go through the manual it'll probably either be a fuse or a bulb, either way nothing major.


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