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I know this will be a difficult one. The SouthEast Pacific version of my Nissan Maxima QX (Cefiro over there) has speed-sensitive central locking. Its function is to lock all the door when I put it in Drive or when the car exceeds 15 mph.

After playing with the car's remote, I can activate that function but by pressing the unlock button once after I'm inside the car, but the car does it only once. I need to do reactivate the function everytime I start the engine.

Would anyone know how I can have this function on a permanent basis?

Cheers everyone,
Speed-sensitive central locking - blank
I have absolutely no idea, but may I ask why you want this?
Speed-sensitive central locking - Jonathan {p}
Japanese Taxi?

Some sophisticated alarms do this (toad). the feature is anti-hijack. It does not lock and unlock the doors depending upon speed. They usually lock once the ignition has been switched on and unlock when it is turned off.

If you are worried about children opening the doors at speed, the best thing to do is to activate the child locks and don't let them sit in the front.

Have you checked if it can also open the back nearside door from the drivers seat? Some Japanese taxi's can also do this!

Speed-sensitive central locking - Gazza
Sorry, not Japanese taxi. Mine locked up depending on speed but wouldl unlock when the ignition is switched to off. Used to anyway.

I do not have children, I am more worried about intruders in the city.
Speed-sensitive central locking - Gazza
Very useful feature to have as I live in town and want the doors to be locked all the time. If I let a friend off or let a friend into the car during a journey, I sometimes forgot to lock the doors back up. The cars does it for me. Also in case I forgot to lock the doors when I set off in a hurry.
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My new Discovery has this feature as part of the standard fit alarm system. For the UK variants you must have this activated (or deactivated) by a Landrover dealer using their test-book.
Perhaps your car is the same?
Speed-sensitive central locking - Vin {P}
IIRC, the blipper on my old Merc had two functions, one where the drivers door and boot only were unlocked, one where all four doors were unlocked.

I seem to remember that holding the button down for two or three second switched between modes. I just minght be the same on your car. Guesswork, but worth a try.

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