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Hi all

I was involved in a 5 car pile up not long ago me being the car in front and taking the last shunt, The third party at fault accepted liability to their own insurance and they are dealing with it in regards to my car getting fixed ( hopefully )

However clearly I was not at fault nor could have done nothing to prevent being hit as I was stationary at traffic lights at the time, The driver behind me that went into my car is claiming uninsured losses from me??? How can that happen as I wasn't liable nor at fault in regards to the accident.

Obviously I will be forwarding the letter to my own insurers, But looking for some advice over this as I haven't heard of this situation before.


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Trying it on ,as they always do !
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I had one similar to this a long time ago, I was stationary and the idiot that hit me from behind claimed that I had rolled back into him (on a level road), they'll tell any lie to avoid paying up.

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Many years ago I had a neighbour with the exact opposite problem.

Someone was in the habit of reversing out of his drive and then 100-odd yds back up the road to turn into a side road every morning. My neighbour saw him come out, stopped and watched in horror as this berk reversed rapidly down the street into the front of his brand spanking new Rover SD1 V8 Vanden Plas.

The bloke attempted to claim that he'd been shunted in the rear and in the normal scheme of things, would probably have got away with it. Fortunately a woman walking her dog on the other side of the road had seen the whole thing......

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I sincerely hope your neighbour leaflet-dropped the entire street to advise everybody what a lying t*** was living on their street?!!

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It's quite possible his solicitors / Insurers have sent their letter to the wrong vehicle, it may have been intended for the vehicle behind them


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