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I had overheating and a burning smell from the passenger side brakes two weeks ago, I got the local garage to check and they said it needed pads and discs and it didn't look like anything was seized. It's a lot better but still gets hotter on the passenger side, I took it back and they thought it might be the flexi hose, but when they inspected that they said it was ok and it needs a new caliper.

Does that sound reasonable? I wish that they had checked it properly at first and I would have thought they would have been able to see that the caliper was seized.

Ford Ka - Brake Caliper - elekie&a/c doctor
Not always.Calipers can very temperamental.sometimes they stick,sometimes they don't.Having said that,the fact that one side was hotter than the other could be a clue.On the plus side,parts for these are very cheap,so not too much of an issue.

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