Kia venga - locking wheel nuts - greg wolstencroft

My venga went in to be service at kia dealership and two days after that i had to use the locking wheel nut key.

Found it was damaged and was unable to use it. I then visited the dealer to discuss this due but to the fact did not have the code for the key. They want to charge £190.00 to remove the wheel nuts and supply new nuts and key. I was not happy as they supply the car only a year ago and did not supply any code. .I was surpised they did not keep a record of code when they supply the car.I left as i was not paying for what should just a key.

I found a company on the internet LWNK ltd sent them two picture of the locking wheel nut.

And with two days recived a new wheel nut key.

What was annoying was attitude of the dealership not what i would expect from main a kia dealership.But you live and learn.


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